Yokohama is the gateway here to the incredible city of Tokyo.  The harbour at Yokohama has undergone a huge transformation from an intimate fishing village to a wonderful city with over three million inhabitants.  This beautiful harbour scene is the arrival point for cruise travellers’ visiting the area and the city has prospered greatly from being the major entry point to Japan’s most advanced city.

The city of Tokyo is utterly astounding.  Futuristic innovations combine with timeless traditions to create an image like nowhere else on earth.  The capital city of Japan is fast paced, frenetic and above all exudes excitement.  The area certainly boasts an outstanding wow factor and cruise passengers arriving here are often in awe of the spectacular city skyline, cultural lifestyle and the vast crowds.  The population level is unbelievable here and within a 22 mile radius of the famous Imperial Palace there are just fewer than 30 million people living their lives.

Navigating your way around this city can be difficult so be sure to plan your time in advance or alternatively opt for an excursion through your cruise operator.  Excursions here are fantastic with a great range of choice and the main benefit being the chance to cut out some of the long, frustrating queues.  There are many exquisite attractions to see.  The Imperial Palace is a must and often the main starting point for tourists.  An impeccable sight, the Imperial Palace certainly sets a great tone for the rest of the day.  The Tokyo Tower is also a brilliant sight to behold, the entry fee is currently 500 Yen based on our latest assessment but it is definitely worth the amount.  The views are simply stunning and the structure itself is mind boggling as to how it can possibly be created.  To see Tokyo’s oldest temple head for Nakamise Street were you will find an arcade of impressive stores leading up to the entrance of the Sensoji Temple.  This temple is an extremely busy tourist attraction.  If this particular point of interest is on your to do list then an excursion here can often be the best choice to be able to access all areas and enjoy a unique experience.  Tokyo also boasts the best museum in the whole of Japan but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourselves at the Tokyo National Museum.  Having been established in 1872, this amazing museum houses over 110,000 objects.  Visitors here will find both indoor and outdoor exhibits of ancient artworks and enchanting archaeological object from Asia’s enthralling history.  Japanese art and Greco-Buddhist art are both two main features here.  Information is provided in a range of languages, English included for the comfort of travelling tourists.  

Not only does the frenetic Tokyo possess some magnificent structures, the city also has some fabulous areas for shopping. Retail therapy has never been so good and there are countless opportunities to pick up a memorable souvenir or shop for the latest innovative technologies.  Ginza is one area in particular that glistens under the bright neon lights and is filled with superb shops.  Here you will find global fashion stores and the best Japanese goods around.  Shibuya G01 is also a great shopping arcade close to the Meiji Jingu shrine.  Eating out here is also an exciting experience.  Sample the finest sushi or sashimi if you prefer it without the rice.  There is also a wonderful range of restaurants, cafes and bars for all kinds of mood, tastes and culinary delights.  

Finish the day with a visit to the marvellous Asakusa Kannon Temple or witness the shrines of Kamakura.  There is so much to see here, it will be a difficult decision just to agree where to go next.  One thing though is for sure, Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest city’s and a fascinating destination for a thrilling cruise.

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