Vung Tau

This cruise destination boasts a rich heritage and offers passengers the opportunity to explore a once holiday playground for many of Vietnam’s wealthy French rulers.  This area was used for vacations and lavish luxury by such rulers in the 19th century.  The antics and celebration of this seaside town during the 19th century has left a striking legacy on the area for the modern day visitor.  Guests can now enjoy an array of grand hotels and views of spectacular Belle Epoque mansions, in particular the beautiful White Mansion (Bach Dinh).  This stunning mansion was constructed in 1898 and continues to host Vietnamese Heads of State to this day.

The glamorous hotels here are primarily located along the broad beach.  It’s not hard to see the appeal of this wonderful destination and one of the best ways to spend your time here is to take a stroll along the broad beach to enjoy the sensational mountainous scenery that flanks the golden sands.  The area is renowned throughout the Far East not only for its dramatic beauty but also for its exquisite pagodas.

Sightseeing here is great and a cruise here gives you the chance to see the Niet Ban Tinh Xa, a location that is famous for its tranquil central garden, designed to recreate the garden in which Buddha entered Nirvana.  You can then make your way to the top of the Nui Nho Mountain to see the typical Nirvana Buddhist Temple.  This glorious place is located on the side of the Nui Nho mountain and faces the ocean offering sublime scenery and a great opportunity for a once in a lifetime photograph.   There’s also the chance to take in the largest sculpture in the south of Vietnam here and witness the 100 foot high statue of Jesus Christ.  This incredible statue faces out over the South China Sea.  The Whale Temple is another brilliant site to see, a temple that is dedicated to a whale genie spirit featuring preserved whale skeletons in glass cases.  From this point you can also spend time exploring the sights of the central market and enjoy the chance to test your bartering skills on the locals. 

There are miles of golden sand beaches here making Vung Tau a gorgeous place to sit back and soak up the blissful sunshine and the areas exceptional climate.  Snorkelling and diving here are also extremely exciting ways to spend your time thanks to the spectacular array of marine life to be discovered.  Alternatively you could just relax and enjoy the beachfront restaurants, colonial villas and chic cafés.

A visit here offers more than just the chance to explore Vung Tau.  Here you also have the chance to head further afield and take in the magnificent sights of Ho Chi Minh City.

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