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Few places on Earth hold the same appeal to beach bums and sun-seekers as Hawaii, a fabled place of untamed blue oceans, black sands, volcanoes and some of the friendliest folk on the globe. The Aloha State is made up entirely of islands, more than a hundred all in all. All aren’t within reach of man, but those that are are an intoxicating combination of new discoveries, natural beauties and an ever-present perfect climate.



Sun, surf and big city vibes collide in Hawaii. Surf on the north shores of Waikiki Beach or lose yourself to more languid days on Hilo, macadamia plantations scenting one of the more sedate landscapes around these parts.


Honolulu is known as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’ and it’s the gem in the crown of Hawaiian cruise itineraries, its hip hotel-backed beaches instantly recognisable. Beaches will blow you away, especially at sunset, purple skies are a familiar sight as night falls on another day in paradise. Hawaii’s natural beauty is balanced with a slick marina and some world-class restaurants that could rival those on the Vegas strip or LA’s hippest haunts; there’s a fusion of high-rise architecture and Polynesian spirit in one of the world’s most iconic holiday destinations, simply slip on your lei and get exploring.


Hilo is Hawaii’s natural isle. Known as Big Island or Volcano Island depending who you ask, it is home to the sky-reaching volcanic peaks of Mauna Loa and Kealauea, two imposing sights that soar above lush rainforest to dominate the skyline above. The sweet smell of orchids lingers wherever you are on the island.


Head here for some of the world’s most photographed beaches, the grand 80-feet high Wailua Falls and the Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Kauai is a favourite with hikers who walk for endless miles amidst clean air and epic views. Expect a patchwork of greens in deep valleys and rainforests, edged with blue just beyond plummeting ocean cliffs.


Maui is the sun seekers Hawaii isle, with the golden beaches that brought you here in the first place. There’s an old Hawaiian phrase ‘Maui No Ka Oi’ meaning ‘Maui is the best’ and it’s one we couldn’t ever argue against; there’s something special about Hawaii’s second-largest island. Lahaina at its heart was once an old whaling town, but thankfully you’ll find the great creatures in the deepest blue where they belong; if you’re keen to whale watch during your time in Hawaii, Maui is the place to do it.

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