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Blazing sun, cobalt blue seas and heavenly tropical temperatures are just a few of the little luxuries that come as standard when taking a Hawaiian cruise. Nowhere in the world beats Hawaii for the combination of sun, sea and sand - it’s a true paradise! With islands scattered across the Pacific, just off America’s trendy west coast, Hawaii’s isolation from US mainland has led to a supremely laid-back atmosphere, which allows for a truly welcoming spirit.

The ‘Aloha State’

Hawaii, or the ‘Aloha State’ as it’s often referred to, is the most recent addition to the American states, and is the only state made up entirely of islands. There are well more than 100 tiny islands that combined, make up Hawaii, but only a few can be visited. Hawaii comes from volcanic origins, so many of the islands are simply uninhabitable. However, the islands of Hawaii, Maui, O’ahu, and Kaua'i are a traveller’s dream.

The natural beauty of these islands, the warm tropical climate, the inviting waters and waves, and the large and imposing active volcanoes make it one of the world’s best tourist destinations.

Unique Culture

Due to its Pacific location, Hawaii has been influenced by both the Asian continent and by the United States, creating its own vibrant, native culture that’s totally unique. Hawaii boasts the largest population of Asian Americans in the country, and Buddhism is one of the most prominent religions across the islands.

The Polynesian culture includes many traditions and beliefs not frequently seen on the mainland, and the etiquette is very much similar to that of India or Japan, for example, where specific customs are adhered to that symbolise luck and fortune. However, you’ll still find classic reminders of the US - McDonald’s, Subway, and Dairy Queen are just a few of the fast food joints you’ll see here.

Surfers Flock From Around the World

If you’re interested in water sports, then a Hawaii cruise couldn’t be more perfect. While the conditions are excellent across the islands, surfers from all over the world flock to the Banzai Pipeline on O’ahu for some of the most challenging and exhilarating rides of their life. The reef break just off the coast creates epic waves, so strong in fact, that the area is a hotspot for professionals, and the Banzai Pipeline frequently plays host to ASP World Championship events. There are, of course, more calm and serene beaches found around Hawaii, and O’ahu’s Waikiki Beach is the sort of setting you’d see on a postcard. If you enjoy relaxing and chilling out, grab a spot here and watch the world go by.

Mauna Loa

These white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are what many travellers imagine when they think about Hawaii, but there’s very much a darker, more intriguing side to the islands. There are three active volcanoes in Hawaii that continue to spill out hot lava on a regular basis. At just over 4,000 metres tall, Mauna Loa is considered to be the world’s largest active volcano, and is the main emphasis of the Big Island landscape. You can see the volcano from anywhere on the island, but cruise passengers get a one-of-a-kind view from the ship’s deck as she heads into port.

So Much To See and Do

The trouble with Hawaii is that there is so much to see and do across the islands that it can be difficult to know which island to visit, and that’s why a cruise holiday is the perfect way to explore the region.

While one island offers a chance to really get up close and personal with nature, another offers the chance to sample some authentic Kona coffee, and another offers every kids dream - the opportunity to swim with dolphins. You are guaranteed to love the warmth of the ‘Aloha Spirit’, and you’ll find Hawaii is the ultimate in relaxation, luxury, and opulence.

Whether you love living life on the edge and are keen to hike the trails leading up to the volcanic summits, are keen to unwind on the beautiful beaches, or are travelling as a family and are looking for fun and educational activities for young children, Hawaii has it!

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