Full of class, seduction and a lovely sweeping bay Ajaccio is a beautiful Mediterranean port of call. It is the capital of Corsica and the largest city on the island. Upon arrival into Corsica you’ll immediately be taken in by its striking beauty and spectacular landscapes. Ajaccio also happens to be the birth place of Napoleon, where his presence is found everywhere and where you will see the layers of Napoleon’s history emerge, but not in a dominating sense. 

In The Footsteps of Napoleon

The streets are remarkably narrow here yet not in an overwhelming manner, they are all part of Ajaccio’s unique charm and as you wander the many walkways you will discover a fabulous array of varied architecture.  One of the most popular sightseeing experiences here is the fabled Cathedral and the opportunity for you to drive along the magnificent Cours Napoleon towards the ever impressive Casone Gardens. Upon arrival you will see the towering statue of Napoleon which was replicated to match the stature that had been erected at his tomb at the Invalides in Paris. The bronze statue welcomes you to Casone Gardens and as you stroll the sights you will be led up the steps for the chance of photographing the famous structure.  On your way up you will notice the engravings of Napoleons achievements throughout his lifetime, in particular his famous victories. 

Of course Ajaccio is not just about Napoleons history.  This charismatic city boasts a glorious harbour scene where you will find many beautiful yachts moored. This harbour scape provides an ambience reminiscent of a Côte d'Azur feel and provides an ideal location to relax and watch the world go by. 

Cours Napoleon

Shopping lovers will be in their element in Ajaccio and will find the main shopping area at the street of Cours Napoleon. Shopping is also available from the moment you step foot ashore as the main marketplace is situated right next to the port. The marketplace offers the chance to explore a wide variety of local crafts as well as the inevitable many Napoleon souvenirs. This fascinating area is a wonderfully vibrant area with many parklands and squares spanning off in different directions.  From this location you can take in the excellent local stores for the chance to purchase a unique souvenir before heading up towards the Old Town and its impressive citadel on the cliff. 

Sweet Scented Maquis

The island is often known as the ‘Scented Isle’ which you will understand when you take in the splendid aromas produced from the mountainsides vegetation. The natural attractions of Corsica are truly beautiful and you will simply love the incredible landscapes that combine with spectacular mountainous scenery. Forests nestled in the backdrop creating the most enchanting photographical opportunity, with the scented maquis simply adding to the wondrous atmosphere of this charming island. Corsica is well-known for its maquis, which covers nearly three quarters of the island, and is made up of a collection of sweet smelling vegetation including mint, heater and lavender to name but a few. 

Prunelli River Gorge

One of the most picturesque locations here has to be the Prunelli river gorge. Head along a narrow road and through the impressive Prunelli Gorges, enjoying the stunning landscape that surrounds the mountains, and where you will see the incredible plunge of the river from the red granite cliffs as it crashes into the river below. Such a sight is outstanding and from the peaks of the mountain range you will see for miles across the city scape. 

A Taste Of Corsica

Before you leave, be sure to sample the local cuisine at one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes that are dotted around. The choices here are exquisite and there’s nothing like a Corsican view as you sip a refreshing drink. 

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