Almeria is a fantastic port of call with a rich heritage and fascinating allure.  Although it is now a largely modern cosmopolitan, Almeria still maintains a fabulous array of sightseeing opportunities.  The city has an incredibly rich yet diverse antiquity after being occupied by many cultures throughout the years.  The Phoenicans and the Carthagians were the first to occupy the land; however, the Romans and the Moors have also played their part in this regions intriguing history. 

Upon arrival into Almeria the main focal point of aesthetic attraction is the Alcazaba Fortress standing at the top of a mountain peak and creating a formidable backdrop overlooking the city.  The famous cathedral is another wonderful monument to explore with a uniquely alluring Renaissance style combining with Gothic architecture to create a profound sight.  This was also once a fortress and remains today a wonderful sightseeing opportunity as well as the perfect place to a truly breath taking vantage point to view the city. 

Away from the heights of the fortress the eyes will meet the stunning sight of many desirable beach scenes as the city is situated in the middle of a bay looking out to the enchanting Mediterranean Sea.  If you are looking for a day to relax and soak up the sun rays then this is the place.  Relish the magical Mediterranean beauty at its finest and simply lay back at one of the many tranquil beach locations.  Whether you’re looking for a day of serenity or family fun in the sun, this is the place to be. 

Passengers looking to disembark and explore will love the options available.  There are often two routes which most guests take.  The first option is to head for the magnificent St Nicholas Salmeron Park, a place of sheer beauty and tranquillity.  This location then leads into the opportunity to venture to the old gypsey quarter and here you will find the infamous caves.  Delve underground a witness a whole new world of extravagance.  Tours will run throughout the day locally or potentially passengers can arrange this via a ship excursion pre cruise or whilst onboard.  Alternatively many guests prefer to make their way to the old town and the retail therapies that lie within.  There are many fantastic shopping opportunities here for local specialities such as leather and wine. 

There are so many excursion opportunities here, many passengers are surprised by the amount of choice.  A regular feature with most cruise operators is a beach transfer offering a shuttle service to the beach locations dotted around or alternatively to enhance the relaxation even further head for one of the illustrious sanctuaries for a bathhouse experience of Arabic and Roman combination. 

As well as Almeria itself being a pleasure to explore, it is also a gateway to many other locations within the majestic beauty of Andalucia.  Mojacar for example is charming, intimate village basquing in white washed walls and full flavour style.  Alternatively head further inland and venture to the sights of Granada.  Opting for this excursion also provides a unique opportunity to witness something truly special.  This is the renowned Alhambra otherwise known as the Palace of the Sultans or the Red Palace.  This stunning feature offers insight into Arabian architecture and at approximately 600 years old makes for a truly breath taking sight.

Away from the exploration side of sightseeing there is also an array of opportunities to sample the culinary delights of the region.  Witness master chefs at work with lunch provided as you take in the exquisite history of the regions famous olive oil.  A drive through the Tabernas Desert leads you to your destination of the Castillo de Tabernas Olive Oil Museum before a tour of the facility and a chance to indulge in the full flavours with impeccable bread selections. 

Family fun is here for all to enjoy and there is no greater opportunity than the fantastic Mario Water Park with its 45,000 square metres of water attractions.  There is so much to do here with a full spectrum of water slides, innovations and chill out zones.  Children of all ages will love the facilities and adults can relax in the sun. 

Almeria presents a wonderful port of call and offers so much to do and explore.  This pulsating and beautiful city is a hidden gem along the Mediterranean coast.  

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