Almost entirely surrounded by water, Cadiz sits on the southernmost province on the Iberia peninsula, only 14 km from Africa. Did you know that Cadiz can also lay claim to being Europe’s oldest city? With its picturesque white villages, tall Moorish-style houses mixed in amongst some small shops and tapas bars that line the streets, the 18th century walls that stand still in time and the old quarter that is famous for its picturesque charm, Cadiz remains a delightful entrance to Andalucía.

Paella and Sherry Sampling

The setting of Cadiz is based at the south-western corner of Spain and comes together with seven other provinces to create the beautiful area of Andalucía. Along with the masterful array of shopping opportunities this sublime port has also been a home port for the Spanish Navy since the 18th century. Daytrips in Cadiz can include a panoramic drive through the heart of Andalucía and its glorious villages, while there are plenty of food and drink opportunities for foodies to indulge in, with a sherry bodega providing you with the impeccable chance to learn the secret to the perfect paella. This traditional Spanish dish is seen as a work of art within this region. For sherry head for Jerez believed by many to be the home of this infamous tipple.  Fill your senses with the most enchanting scents and escape completely with a glass of utter heaven fresh from the heart of the world’s most prominent sherry region.

Avenida del Puerto

One of the well-loved features of this beautiful Spanish port is the ability to walk directly into the heart of the main square. From the moment guests arrive in Cadiz they are met with the tranquil beauty of a historic heritage before crossing the Avenida del Puerto into main square of Cadiz and the town’s extravagant shopping area.  This location is perfect for retail therapy and the ideal area to pick up a souvenir to remember the cruise by. Not only do you have the choice of chic boutique stores guests also have the chance to experience local flavours and traditions within enchanting native stores. The city of Cadiz is incredibly compact, so highlights are easily accessible. 

Art of Flamenco

When in Cadiz why not learn the art of flamenco dancing? Guests will be whisked away to a local tavern to discover an insight into the story behind the iconic dance before watching a scintillating show of the taccato and balletic dances. Combine this with full flavoursome omelettes, tapas and paella and you have the makings of a truly wonderful day.

The port of Cadiz welcomes cruising passengers with open arms and now represents a regular feature of many Mediterranean sailings.  Ideally situated for the first or last port of call when sailing out of the UK or for a fun filled feature of a fly cruise, this wondrous region really is worth a visit. Moorish style houses combined with flower filled balconies, the gothic cathedral, La Girada and its bell tower are just a few of the sensational highlights Cadiz has to offer, before entering the entrancing region of Seville.

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