The beautiful Mediterranean port of Cagliari has it all.  A fantastic range of exploration opportunities are right at your fingertips when visiting here and the visually stunning scenery is truly wonderful.  The history of this iconic port of call can be traced back over thousands of years, dating back to Roman periods.  Not only will you be welcomed by the capital of Sardinia’s blissful beauty, you will also have the pleasure of deciding between a range of excellent attractions. 

A huge positive for this destination is that most of the area’s most impressive attractions are all situated close by to one and other, easily within walking distance.  These attractions are location within the walled area of Castello.  This charming area boasts an alluring atmosphere with many open piazzas to meander and enjoy.  One of the most pleasurable and intriguing sights here is the Roman amphitheatre whilst a delightful relaxing sightseeing experience is always available at the botanical gardens here with over 500 different species of plant life. 

One thing we would certainly recommend here is taking a seat at one of the local restaurants, especially in the marina area.  This sublime location with excellent views is matched by the fabulous cuisine available including the most sumptuous seafood dishes.  Here you will also find a great range of bars to relax as well as ice cream stalls and pizzerias. 

A short drive away from the port area you will find the Basilica of Bonaire, whether you are heading ashore individually or via an excursion a stop is usually made here due to the superb vantage point for exquisite views.  The church itself is a fascinating sight with a highly interesting history. 

If it’s spectacular views you’re interested in and you wish to capture unique photographs then continue up Monte Urpino where you will find the most outstanding locations to spend your day.  Various points along the way provide enchanting views over the Gulf of Angels and the renowned Molentargius Lagoon where you will capture the many pink flamingos enjoying the safety and sanctuary of this harbour. 

For an immersive Sardinian experience why not sample the vibrant flare of a folkloric dance show?  Traditional Sardinian dress is always worn and the dances will perform a production for your entertainment.  During the show you will also have the opportunity to sample the local flavours including delicacies and refreshing wines. 

You may wish to head ashore to simply relax and unwind.  If this is the case then you’ll find no greater place than the serene scenes of Poetto.  Here lies the most glorious beach setting, just a short 15 minute journey from the city.  Spend your time enjoying the beautiful climate here before returning to your ship following a great day in the sun.

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