This magnificent Corsican destination boasts an abundance of attractions and beautiful vantage points from which passengers are able to obtain some truly sensational photo opportunities.  The port of Calvi has often been referred to as the “perfect picture postcard” in the Mediterranean and you can certainly see why.  One of the most endearing features of Calvi is the dramatic array of colour.  The vast mixture of building design combines perfectly with the cobbled streets to create the most alluring sight. 

The cruise port is known as Quai Landry and passengers will love the sight of the stunning 15th century citadel that dominates the skyline overlooking the port and town centre.  The old town heritage is set within the realms of the citadel and makes for a beautiful walk up the hill through the charismatic town centre sights.  The new town is just a short stroll away from the port itself and boasts an impressive array of exquisite café’s, bars, restaurants and beautiful local boutiques.  You really do find the epitome of Mediterranean flair within the heart of the town centre and it’s unique charm is not to be forgotten.  Upon venturing through the new town and arriving to the old town location, guests can witness the sublime highlights of St-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral and the Oratoire St Antoine before arriving at the citadel itself.  This is the highest point around and provides a magical backdrop for a photo to last a lifetime.  Not only this but every week there is a concert of Corsican polyphonic singing. 

A huge factor of this outstanding destination is that it is also said to be the birthplace of the iconic Christopher Columbus.  Statues have been placed throughout the town centre to commemorate this as well as a plaque being placed within the citadel.  The remains of his house have also been preserved and are still viewable today. 

Excursion opportunities do not come much finer than here.  The port would have you believe that due to its more intimate size the choice may be limited; however there is so much to see.  The most popular excursion type by far is the enchanting Corsica captivation where guests are transported throughout the valleys and over the hilltops to witness the finery of this sublime destination.  Even enjoy the pleasures of the famous olives and citrus fruits along the way.  Certain cruise operators will explore an alternative side of Corsica by offering the chance of a Jeep safari.  The 4x4 adventure takes you off the beaten track to discover the more remote side of Corsica.  With nothing to stand in your way this method of travel allows access from bush to beach and all that lies in between for a truly captivating day out.  If this sounds too much then perhaps you may prefer the more tranquil transportation method of the charmingly quaint little train.  This wonderful experience whisks you off to the flower filled location of Ile Rousse.  A delectably beautiful area, Ile Rousse is famous for its shabby chic style approach to Corsican style. 

The entrancing port of Calvi is one certainly not to be missed.  A beautiful array of dramatic scenery combines perfectly with an abundance of character to create a scintillating location.  Not only will shopping lovers revel in the delight of its pleasures but cultural explorers can venture till their hearts content.  Whatever you plan to do during your stay, relax and enjoy the superb sights of Corsica’s finest.

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