Located in the region of Murcia, the fascinating city of Cartagena was founded over 2200 years go by Carthaginian leader Hasdrubal.  The destination is now home to a major naval base and is also one of the busiest commercial hubs within Spain.

The beauty of this Mediterranean port is evident from the moment guests arrive as they are greeted by the distinct beauty of the magnificent harbour. This enchanting location provides the perfect back drop to an impressive cruise liner and makes for a welcoming sight.  From here passengers can easily access the centre by foot or should you prefer to head further afield there will be taxi’s quayside ready and waiting.  The promenade area scopes right alongside the entrance to the port and therefore makes for a pleasurable stroll harbour side.  Guests will love the range of bars and restaurants’ lining the waterfront before reaching the city centre for a vast range of shops both boutique and locally inspired.

An immediate impact this destination holds is its rich history.  This is evident before the ship even reaches the port itself as the harbour is flanked by fascinating fortresses.  The cultural extravagance continues in the heart of the old town where guests can witness the alluring charm of the original Carthaginian castle.  This iconic feature is perfect for those looking to explore the rich culture of this wonderful location. 

Cartagena has been the capital of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department of the Mediterranean since the 18th century and continues to present a fabulous opportunity for naval base discovery.  The intriguing naval statues as you enter the town centre pay homage to this fact and once again enhance the attraction of Cartagena as a great port of call. 

Not only is Cartagena a beautiful place to visit itself, it also makes for a very accessible entrance to the city of Murcia.  Many guests wish to venture to the attractions of Murcia and this is certainly understandable when you consider the fabulous sights to enjoy.  The Fortress at Lorca Taller del Tiempo; the spa resort of Balneario de Archena and the Baroque Cathedral are just a few examples of the visually stunning features this city holds; once again portraying the exuberant history of this charming region. 

Excursion opportunities for the port of Cartagena are often incredibly diverse with something for all to enjoy.  Those looking to basque in the cultural highlights may wish to indulge in the full city tour or perhaps combine the two cities of Cartagena and Murcia.  Away from the cultural magnificence there are many opportunities to enjoy something more laid back and fun loving.  For families there is the brilliant visit to Terra Natura Wildlife and Water Park to get up close and personal with an amazing array of local wildlife whilst taking on the adrenaline pumping water rides.  You may prefer something completely chilled out and if this is the case then head for the entrancing sight of Las Almoladeras Beach situated at the heart of the romancing Spanish resort of La Manga.  Of course all these ideas are just that, ideas, if you prefer to explore on your own then the fascinating sights are waiting for your arrival and guests are completely free to do so.  There is also the chance to head further afield and discover the sensational sights of Alicante. 

The day is yours to enjoy as this delightful port of call.  Let the beautiful Cartagena immerse you with its dramatic cultural charms for a truly wonderful experience.

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