Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and presents a truly spectacular setting of exquisite scenery and blissful grace.  The main attraction of this sublime destination is the completely unspoilt setting that inevitably provides one of the most romantic locations within the region.  It may be the largest Island but Cephalonia remains extremely intimate and enjoys the chance to give visitors a real authentic Greek experience.  This is a traditional Greek community retaining its innocence.  Tourism is increasing here but it still remains a relatively untouched site which is yet another wonderful feature of an already beautiful port of call. 

Cephalonia’s population is as low as 30,000 and this is made up of its locals splitting between coastal areas and the enchanting resorts along with the traditional approach of mountain villages which many local occupants remain within today.  The vast forest regions of the island portray a wonderful combination with coastal extravagance and limestone landscape.  The mountainous forestry regions are extremely attractive for walkers looking to explore. 

A call at the port of Cephalonia demands the attention of the many sensational beach scenes.  Known for its fabulous golden beach settings, this delightful destination is a relatively hidden Greek gem and was once recognised for being voted 10th in a world scenic beauty league.  Argostili is the Cephalonia capital and such beaches are easily accessible from the port itself as well as the cruise port of Sami.  Alternatively head for one of the dramatic caves to witness the underground extravagance of Cephalonia.  Visit Melissani to witness an amazing lighting effect of sunshine glistening down through the open air cave that shimmers across the water to create an unrivalled image of serenity.   Indulge in a refreshing drink at one of the fantastic harbour front tavernas.  The marvellous tavernas provide a beautiful place to soak up the sunshine rays of Cephalonia and revel in the scintillating pleasure of local cuisine. 

When considering a shore excursion in Cephalonia be advised that if it is a day at the beach you think may be the choice for you, most cruise operators will run a shuttle service to and from several beach areas.  This is often free of charge and runs throughout the day.  Instructions of this should be made clear to passengers in the pre cruise documents or if not then it will be displayed prior to arrival when onboard the ship itself.  The most popular location for beach transfer is Makrys Gialos.  Other options include adventures to Ainos Mountain for an incredible vantage point and photo opportunity or perhaps choose to head in the direction of Fiskardo’s waterfront for a Greek shopping experience.  Myrtos Bay is another delectable sight to capture a once in a lifetime photograph and a mesmerising location to witness the finest view of Cephalonia.

This exciting destination is a wonderful highlight of an Eastern Mediterranean sailing and one becoming increasingly popular with cruise operators due to its distinct beauty.  Enjoy the sublime scenery and marvel at the sheer beauty of this enchanting isle. 

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