The cruise harbour of Elba is known as Portoferraio and radiates beauty from the moment you arrive.  This fantastic Mediterranean port of call rolls back the years with rustic features and enchanting attractions.  The port glistens in history right back to the Roman era and Etruscans.  The port is also famous within Greek mythology claiming the destination even once welcomed Jason’s Argonauts along with the renowned persona of Napoleon. Since this time the port of Elba has grown stronger and stronger since the arrival of the medieval Medici’s. 

The welcoming atmosphere of Elba comes in the form of the illustrious Medici fort and the Martello Tower dominating the skyline over the cruise harbour.  The awe inspiring sights are just the start of this brilliant port of call.  The old town is a short stroll away from the port itself and easily accessible.  Once you enter through the Porta a Mare you will find yourselves greeted by an abundance of café’s, bars, restaurants and chic boutique stores.  This is the perfect place to indulge in local traditions.  From native flavours to fashions, there is so much to see in this wonderfully poised location. 

One of the main delights of Elba is the many beautifully captivating coves and beaches you can find just from taking a stroll.  This really is an enchanting place to discover.  There’s also the option to head to Mount Capanne standing an impressive 3,200ft tall.  This extravagant landmark is the perfect place for a unique photo opportunity. 

The excursion opportunities at Elba vary depending on how you wish to spend your day.  If you would like to unravel the history of Napoleon then many cruise operators provide the chance to retrace the footsteps of the man himself including such special attractions as the Palazzina dei Mulini where Napoleon spent most of his time.  Passengers must be warned with this tour however that although the Palazzina dei Mulini is only a short walk away from the port, guests will be required to walk up a large amount of steps so this may not be ideally suited for all passengers.  Often the best-selling tour includes a leisurely tour of Elba taking in many famous sights as well as offering the chance to sample local food and drink.  Porto Azzurro provides a bustling piazza and an extremely welcoming ambience for guests to come and explore.  Set on the waterfront this sumptuous location is perfect for a relaxing day.

The intimate area of Marciana Marina provides the ideal place for to get away from it all.  The quaint atmosphere is perfect to discover the traditions of this wonderful port and provides a thorough insight into local way of life.  Not to be outdone however, Marciana Marina also boasts famous monuments such as the infamous Tower which was built in the 16th century as a defensive measure to protect the village from pirates. 

Along with glistening beauty of Elba’s cultural extravagance there is so much to see elsewhere.  For passengers looking for a day to relax and unwind then there are many beaches to discover throughout the surrounding areas.  You’re never too far away from a fine-looking beach scene and the climate here is superb so lay back and enjoy the shimmer of the sunlight across the ocean waves.

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