This Italian gem is the capital of Liguria and stands currently at the sixth largest city in Italy.  As well as being one of the country’s major economic areas, this fantastic port of call offers some of the finest sightseeing opportunities around.  The architectural splendour here is renowned throughout the world and passengers can even witness the alleged birthplace of Christopher Columbus.  Waltz through the majestically beautiful streets and even delights in the sumptuous flavours of delicious pesto, which created in this very location. 

Some of the most exquisite exploration opportunities within Genoa revolve around the incredible palaces.  This sublime city boasts impressive sights such as the Palace of the Doges and the Mannerist palaces.  Upon disembarking the ship many passengers head for the old town and in particular, the Piazza de Ferrari.  Here guests will discover an array of beautiful shopping boutiques set amongst a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés.  This fabulous location within the city allows for a thorough discovery of the medieval backdrop in the area.  It is the perfect place from which to explore such monuments as the S.Stefano Abbey as well as St. Lawrence Cathedral.  From here head for the charming allure of the district of Via Garibaldi, here you will find such delights as the Palazzo Rosso one of the original Mannerist palaces which has now been transformed into a museum.  This is the perfect location to enjoy a flourishing cultural insight into the world of Genoa and its glorious history.

Excursion opportunities within Genoa present a variety of options depending on the type of stay you are interested in.  From Genoa a wide choice of destinations further afield can be reached so for those looking to cast their net far and wide then use this sumptuous city as a starting point to head for such delights as Portofino or Milan.  Portofino is home to the rich and famous, a glamorous destination packed full of boutique stores and incredible super yachts.  Alternatively fashion lovers will revel in the delight of Milan.  Shopping havens include Gucci, Armani and Versace to name but a few and follow this with a pleasurable tour of the city highlights including such famous monuments as the Opera House which opened in 1778.

Passengers preferring to stay within Genoa are in for a treat.  Most cruise operators provide a walking tour of the city to discover hidden treasures within the network of alleyways and distinctive streets.  This tour is the ideal opportunity to explore unique locations but it must be advised that comfortable footwear is essential and the long walking distances may not be suitable for all.  Set in the city passengers also have the chance to head for the world renowned Aquarium here.  One of the largest in Europe this uniquely brilliant venue houses some of the most impressive marine life you could imagine and provides something different to combine with a sightseeing tour.  Those looking for a more relaxing day in the sunshine may prefer to get away from it all and if this is the case then the small fishing village of Camogli is the ideal place for you.  This delicate jewel on the Ligurian coast is the perfect place to unwind.  Not only this but guests will witness the magical charisma of pastel coloured homes often adorned with seashells. 

One of the finest excursion opportunities has to be a culinary adventure.  After all this is Italy and it would almost be rude not to delight in taste bud tingling pleasures from Genoa’s master chefs.  Although Italian cuisine is often compiled under one heading, each and every region is famous for its own creations as well as having their own take on classic specialities.  Genoa ‘s famous creation lies in the heart of sublime focaccia bread as well as the entrancing pleasure when combined with pesto.  Witness a culinary creation at Recco, dine in a gourmet restaurant, revel in Ligurian specialities and even take home a divine souvenir to remember the occasion.

This Mediterranean port of call is a vibrant hidden treasure and one certainly worth a day of exploration. 

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