The southern point of the Iberian Peninsula presents the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. An intriguing port of call, Gibraltar is situated right at the heart of the entrance to the Mediterranean and sits proudly between tip of Southern Spain and the continent of Africa. An invigorating mix of British and Spanish heritage combines to produce a truly wonderful destination and one not to be underestimated. Many attractions and features of Gibraltar go unnoticed, however, there is so much to see and do.

Upon arrival into the port most guests disembarking the ship can walk into the town centre only a short distance away, however there is a shuttle service available or alternatively there will be taxis available at the quayside.  The town centre is an impressive sight and is dominated by fortress walls; the most extravagant being that of the Moorish Castle complex.

Retail Therapy

Considered a home from home for many British passengers, this regular feature of Western Mediterranean sailings boasts many impressive highlights and attractions. If you’re looking for retail therapy then you will love Gibraltar. Tax free shopping means guests can pick up some fantastic bargains on items such as glassware, china, leather goods, alcohol, perfume, silk and cashmere. It may be a shopper’s haven but this certainly isn’t the only reason for a visit to this charming destination. Algeciras Bay offers some of the finest views around or alternatively face the other direction to enjoy the fabulous scenery of the Moroccan mountains.  These amazing views can be experienced at their peak from the Rock Restaurant which is accessed by cable car directly from the brilliant Grand Parade.

Rock Of Gibraltar

Having browsed the town centre and hopefully picked up a bargain or two, you may be interested to visit the area of the upper rock nature reserve.  This is by far one of the most beautiful points of this port of call and offers an amazing array of sights to behold. The winding streets slowly but surely make their away up the steep hill to arrive at the peak where you can gain access to the famous Rock of Gibraltar. Head deep inside the heart of the caves for a fantastic tour were you will discover fabulous local knowledge. The caves really do present a wonderful experience where a theatre that has been developed inside. Often used for lectures, theatre productions and local awards, this outstanding venue is a must see. Once the tour is complete you will emerge the other side with your taxi or tour bus awaiting your arrival. Before departing however make sure you make plenty of time for photographic opportunities. The views from this point are truly breath taking, especially for a brilliant vantage point to capture your cruise ship from.  This alone would be enough to impress but here you will also discover the captivating sight of the renowned semi-wild apes. Roaming free amongst the hills, these amazing creatures are most certainly not camera shy and will be more than happy to come close and entertain guests; a sensational experience and a great chance to capture a lasting memory.

A Spot Of Dolphin Watching

One of the most popular excursion choices revolves around the secrets of the rock as well as a thorough insight into the history of Gibraltar. This may not be what you’re looking for though and if this is the case and you would prefer something a little more casual then perhaps take the opportunity to do some dolphin watching. Not only is the port of call a fantastic place to visit but the Straits of Gibraltar is truly amazing in its own right. Passengers will be notified by the ship’s captain upon arrival into the area and this is the perfect place to spot dolphins swimming alongside the cruise ship. Upon arrival into port you can take this even further with a more in-depth discovery of their natural habitat. 

No matter how you choose to spend your day, the charismatic, vibrant port of Gibraltar will entertain from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart. This place really is a great destination to visit for a rich cultural heritage combined with some of the best views around. Take advantage and see the magnificent heart of Gibraltar for yourself.

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