This delightful Mediterranean cruise port of call was created in the 19th century and served the purpose of supporting the local trade at the time.  In modern times however, the port of Katakolon serves a greater tourist purpose as the gateway to Olympia – the birthplace of the Olympic Games. 

Katakolon welcomes passengers to a supremely intimate location; guests will disembark the ship directly into port and will immediately be able to head for the many chic stores that line the exit road of the port itself.  Here passengers have the opportunity to explore the many local treasures such as olive wood as well as Greek cuisine creations.  The harbour front is also a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy the tremendous climate and sun kissed coastline.  Here passengers will find a whole host of tavernas and sublime restaurants to enjoy Greek delicacies.  The main attraction though is most certainly Olympia and this is the place the majority of guests will opt to explore.  Olympia is only a short distance away from the port of Katakolon therefore passengers have the choice between travelling individually to take in the many sights of opt to do enjoy an excursion through the cruise operator.  The town nestles on the banks of the River Alpheios and presents the birthplace of the now world adored Olympic Games.  The torch was lit here in 776 BC and the awe inspiring sights to behold provide a truly once in a lifetime experience.  We would always recommend the chance to do an excursion here as it will inevitably provide a brilliant opportunity to gain a fantastic insight into the truly marvellous historical heritage of the foundation on which the Olympics have been built.  If guests were ever going to take in an excursion opportunity, this is the perfect place to do so.  Every four years the Olympic flame is lit here and then delivered to the host city.

The 45,000-seat arena is often the first place to visit and you can still make out the marble starting blocks here for the perfect photo opportunity.  Many tours will also include the iconic Temple of Zeus which houses the awe inspiring statue of Zeus and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The Olympic site itself possesses a grand entrance before venturing into a world of an enchanting sanctuary.  Here guests will peel back the layers of the many temples and alters.  There is also the amazing Museum of Olympia to explore boasting an impressive array of archaeological excavations.  The exhibits featured here currently include such captivating sights as the pediments of the Temple of Zeus and the marble statue of Hermes. 

Although this port of call does predominantly revolve around the gateway to Olympia, there are also many other fascinating features to discover.  Should guests wish to divert from the norm and witness something entirely different then perhaps opt for an excursion into vintage Greece.  The Domain Mercouri is one of the most renowned locations for producing sublime wines and sumptuous olive oil creations.  Discover the wine making process whilst looking out over the enchanting Ionian Sea. 

For a day of relaxation under the glistening sun rays of the Katakolon climate, the best place to head for is Kourouta beach.  The glorious beach setting spans over ten miles and provides the perfect place to simply lay back and unwind.

The port of Katakolon welcomes passengers to a world of adventure.  Whether you wish to unravel the world of Olympic heritage of discover the local culinary wonders, there is so much to see and do.  Retail therapy here is an utter pleasure and this delectable port of call continues to wow all who arrive aboard an Eastern Mediterranean sailing.

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