A treasure of a cruise port, Korcula is an absolute must see destination for an Eastern Mediterranean cruise.  The central Dalmatian island glistens in the sunshine and presents one of the most picturesque imaginable.  The island of Korcula is a modern day holiday haven however this superb port of call never fails to present a fabulous array of cultural extravagance.  A divine combination between golden sandy beaches and historical monuments provide the makings for a great day of exploration.  Whether you’re looking to lay back and relax by the sea or take in all the glory of the bygone era there really is something for all.

One of the most famous attractions to Korcula is the island being the reputed origin of Marco Polo; the world renowned, notorious explorer that remains a legendary icon to this day.  His lasting legacy is here for all to see along with other regions of the world such as the Marco Polo airport of Venice. 

The entrancing port of Korcula lies calmly between the areas of Dubrovnik and Split along the Dalmatian coastline.  This beautiful destinations picture postcard reputation is enhanced even greater when you peel back the layers of the illustrious Old Town.  A truly inspirational design; the Old Town possesses a long flowing spine that runs directly through the centre.  It is from this spine that the many jagged, winding street branch off leading to many exciting areas of the city.  This ingenious design allows for minimal wind speeds to pass through the area therefore creating a safer place in which to develop local accommodation and native shelters at the time.  The climate is impeccable here and as such the concept behind the design of the Old Town once again flourishes with ingenuity.  The laid out plans of the spine and its branching streets allow for controlled sun impact keeping the area cooler and more comfortable both for locals and visiting tourists, especially when it comes to the sensational summer sun period.  

To explore the Old Town is relatively easy.  The area is in a comfortable walking distance from the port itself and many highlighted attractions are close by for passengers to explore.  The Old Town is made up of masterful gothic and renaissance influences not to mention an array of visually stunning galleries that welcome visitors to their doors to witness the majestic sights.  One of the key eye catching features will be the Cathedral of St. Marco which stands proud at the peak of the town.  This brilliant highlight also provides exceptional views over the city itself and the amazing ocean setting.  Venetian influences are clear to see with such works of sculptures from the 18th century.  The Palace Gabrielis is a wonderful place to explore and also houses the Old Town museum.  The Ismaelis Palace is also just a short stroll away and provides another delectable attraction to behold. 

For guests looking to lay back and relax under the sparkling sunshine then head for one of the many desirable beach scenes of Korcula.  Take your time when selecting location as there are many hidden gem locations for a secluded day’s relaxation.  One of the most picturesque is at Luka Korculanska which is approximately fifteen minutes stroll from the port where guests will disembark the ship or alternatively a boat trip is usually available from the harbour for a more swift arrival.  Many cruise operators will provide shuttle service to beaches for guests so this is worth looking into when planning your day.

Excursion opportunities in Korcula are truly tremendous.  Often the most popular tours here revolve around a guided insight into the full island experience.  This usually involves a coach transport around the island and provides an opportunity to explore the key historical sights whilst enjoying local flavours at venues such as the delightful Toreta Winery.  This full day tour can often be broken down should you prefer one part more than the other.  Wine lovers will love the island of Korcula and if it is a wine sampling day you’re looking for then search no more and head for the Peljesac peninsula.  Here you will discover sublime vineyards and spectacular wineries, especially Grgich.  Combine this with the taste bud tingling flavours of goats cheese and salted sardines for the Croatian experience. 

Passengers wishing to venture further afield have the choice of the divinely intimate Orebić or possibly even enjoy a relaxing boat trip through the Peljesac Channel. The archipelago is made encompasses 20 islands in total all in sight of exploration as you glide through the fascinating scenery. 

The island of Korcula is a fabulous destination and an ever increasing regular for Eastern Mediterranean cruise itineraries

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