Kotor, Montenegro

Set in the charming Gulf of Kotor, the aptly named Kotor features as one of the most delicately poised locations of the Adriatic Sea, sliding into one of the most intimate indentations of this mesmerising region. Often referred to as the southernmost fjord in Europe, Kotor is in fact formed by a somewhat drowned river valley remaining open to the sea and presenting as a fascinating coastal inlet. This is more than often referred to as a Ria, and portrays this distinctive port of call in its true glorious picture postcard setting.

Intimate Version Of Venice Itself

This fascinating port of Montenegro, is full of Venetian influence, which is clearly evident from the moment passengers arrive. The town of Kotor was once under Venetian control for a significant period of time, and to this day the town is reminiscent of a charmingly intimate version of Venice itself. Perhaps the most dominant feature of the city itself is the awe inspiring structure of the city walls that enclose the town and still stand proud after all those years. 

Cathedral of Saint Tryphon

Perhaps the most alluring quality of Kotor is the magnificent array of architectural beauty. This wonderful location continues to wow passengers with its historic buildings of an exquisite nature. Guests need only look at the sheer splendour of the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon to understand the marvellous creations to behold; this is one of the finest examples of Roman construction throughout the coastline. The sensational natural beauty of the Gulf of Kotor combines perfectly with the old town to form a spectacular itinerary highlight and one not to be missed. 

Old Town of Kotor

The old town is a place to wander, stroll and enjoy the majestic beauty in front of you. Cobbled streets wind through the many alleyway styled tracks each portraying their own individual characteristics. Local stores provide the chance to take home a souvenir of Kotor or perhaps enjoy a refreshing break at one of the many bars and cafes as you meander through the city square. Today, Kotor is listed as a UNESCO listed Historical Heritage Site and the splendour continues as you head for such treasures as the Prince’s Palace and Napoleon’s Theatre. Perhaps you’d also like to finish your day with a trip to the Kotor Maritime Museum?

Forested Landscapes of Krstac

Whether you are looking for a day of sightseeing bliss or a more relaxing day of cultural expedition this is the place for you. Often a best-selling tour, many cruise operators provide the opportunity to take in an overall account of the Montenegrin coast which is legendary in its own right.  Islands, beaches and divine hidden gems lie in wait for passengers to arrive. Along with Kotor guests will have the chance to marvel at the town of Budva. Sample the local flavours including both food and drink and even considering heading further afield to Krstac. An area that sits at a tremendous height of 3000 feet, Krstac provides stunning views of Boka Bay and as well as being the gateway to the inland attraction of Njegusi. Here guests are in the perfect place to enjoy local specialities such as homemade cheese, brandy and the blissful wineries.

Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park is another area of huge attraction for visiting tourists. This area is of paramount beauty and also provides a truly breath taking contrast depending on the way you face. To one direction you have the amazing views of the bay whilst to the other guests face the fabulous mountainous backdrop. 

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