La Spezia

La Spezia nestles perfectly between Genoa and Pisa portraying a quaint picturesque town filled with beauty.  The harbour is the first sight for arriving cruise passengers and a lovely harbour it is.  It is actually one of Italy’s most important harbours due to its military and commercial involvement.  The harbour is certainly a pleasurable welcome to the area but it is the fabulous site of Cinque Terre that most guests come to see here.  There are five villages wonderfully perched on the coastline and La Spezia provides the perfect welcoming access to this enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site.  When visiting the port of La Spezia, this impressive site is a great place to see, bring your camera and marvel at its splendour.

This welcoming destination boasts many delightful landmarks for cruise passengers to explore.  You will find a fascinating array of churches each with their own unique charms and attractions whilst the museums here also possess charismatic allure.  One of the most popular churches to see is the Lady of Assumption Church which also houses a collection of impeccable artistry, whilst the Castle of San Giorgio is also an excellent point of interest.  The castle houses the civic museum, renowned for its excellence and a very impressive sightseeing opportunity. 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the central areas there are also several areas nearby for a more relaxing experience.  Marolais is loved for its peaceful tranquillity and portrays a modern image of beauty sitting close to an exquisite rocky cove.  Riomaggiore is similar for its intimate tones but its tall house architecture is often a hugely popular sight to see as you head up the hillside.  The other charming outer region is the lovely Cornigilia which can be found high above sea level, perched on a wonderful site with outstanding views out to sea.  The painted houses here awash the area with colour and cling to the mesmerising cliff face. 

You may prefer to arrive here and simply relax.  If this is the case then head for the sublime beach setting of Monterosso al Marc.  The beach here is exceptional, perfect for a romantic day for two or perhaps some family fun in the sun.  Enjoy the superbly clear waters and soak up the glorious sunshine for a day of recharging your batteries and simply enjoying the stunning views.

La Spezia is tremendous port of call to see when cruising the Mediterranean.  This splendid destination has something for all to enjoy and its picturesque location only enhances the charming atmosphere created by the charismatic local people. 

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