The largest port in Cyprus welcomes cruise passengers to the south coast and provides the perfect gateway to this beautiful destination.  Steeped in history, Limassol presents an outstanding opportunity to explore amazing architectural creations as well as soaking up the blissful sunshine at one of the many seafront settings.  Whether you’re looking for a cultural extravaganza or a relaxing day at the beach, Limassol caters for all.

A day at the beach here is a day to remember.  The sheer watersport activities alone will have guests wowed with excitement.  Water ski, jet-ski, paraglide, sail, snorkel and swim for a day of extreme entertainment.  Beach options include spectacular scenes such as Kourion Beach, Governor's Beach and Ladies Mile.  All three are superbly maintained and present the most welcoming areas around.  Not only this but parents can relax knowing all three are incredibly well managed with a huge focus on safety.

Many passengers opt to head for an archaeological adventure and the place to start for many is the Amathus site.  Here guests will find the Temple of Aphrodite a superb sight to behold and just the start of the mesmerising historical charm.  The Castle of Limassol is another fascinating point of attraction dating back to 1228, this fantastic construction also now houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum and presents an opportunity to gain an insight into the rich heritage.

Not only do guests have the chance to explore Limassol’s pleasures but there is also the opportunity to head further afield.  Cyprus was an independent republic in 1960 however times then dramatically changed in 1974 following a severe Turkish invasion.  It was because of this event that the need arose for the division of Cyprus and a new touristic haven to be created in order to salvage the tourism potential of this wonderful destination.  Cyprus now boasts several holiday destinations including Ayia Napa, Paphos and Limassol and Nicossia with many magnificent hotels to choose from and sublime scenery.  From the gateway of Limassol, Paphos can be explored with ease and is often included as one of the excursions available for passengers when arriving aboard a luxurious cruise.

Shore excursions provide the perfect opportunity to explore far and wide the splendour of Cyprus and all it has to offer.  Depending on your preference there are many options to choose from whether you prefer a slower or faster paced day.  The Troodos Mountains are often one of the most desirable locations to visit and most cruise operators will provide an excursion to this area.  If for nothing else, this enchanting destination provides some of the finest views imaginable over the Greek section of the island.  This is the perfect place to breath in the divine mountain air, explore the local stores set amongst a serene backdrop and witness the truly captivating scenery.  Passengers can also opt to explore this region via an alternative form of transport in the form of a 4x4 adventure day.  Only offered by a selection of cruise operators, this spectacular trip take you off the beaten track and deep into the heart of Limassol’s hidden gems.  Delve deeper into the mountains and go were no other form of transport could take you. 

The city of Nicosia is another welcoming excursion opportunity and the chance to witness the delicately poised charm of a city blended together by Greek and Turkish influence.  This is the capital of Cyprus and as such portrays stunning features for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  St

John’s Cathedral set within the majestic Archbishop’s Palace Square is a truly mesmerising sight and the fascinating features continue with monuments such as the Leventis Municipal Museum.

The wondrous port of Limassol provides a stunning backdrop as well as an abundance of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy the superb Cypriot cuisine.  Sample the local delights and revel in the taste bud tingling pleasures on display.  Limassol is an Eastern Mediterranean highlight and a fantastic port of call. 

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