Marseille is the second largest city in France after Paris and was founded over 2600 years ago.  This delightful city presents a wonderful port of call for any cruise itinerary and is the leading cruise port within France.  The fishing port is considered one of the main picturesque highlights for a place to capture the heart of Marseille as well as relax and unwind. 

If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll then look no further than la Corniche; a walkway right along the sea front providing some of the finest views around.  From here you can witness the magical sights of Chateau d'If and les Calanques.  Other iconic places of interest include the amazing Notre Dame de la Garde where fishermen once wished for their boats to be blessed before heading out to sea.  You can even find many model boats within the church itself to commemorate such a tradition.  Along with a rich cultural history, this fascinating location is also a brilliant spot for a photo opportunity overlooking the city. 

Sports lovers will enjoy a venture to the world renowned Stade Velodrome home of Olympique de Marseille football club and a truly amazing sight.  The incredibly innovative design compliments the reputation of the vibrant Marseille supporters famous for their vocals during each and every home game. 

Excursion opportunities are truly fantastic at this port of call and so abundantly diverse that there is plenty to do and see for all kinds of preference.  If you are looking for a mixture of culture and sightseeing then the overall city tour is undoubtedly the way to go.  This brilliant tour offered by most cruise operators visiting the port will provide a full spectrum tour of the many highlights around.  Visit the forts of St Nicholas and St John and admire the beauty of the Basilica.  Guests also have the chance to spend time at Canebiere Street the city’s main avenue and a beautiful location.  The Little Train experience is also a wonderful way to tour the city.  Hop onboard and let this enchantingly quaint method of travel whisk you around the finery of Marseille stopping off at the renowned features for guests to get off and enjoy their own free time.  Another fabulous experience and truly sensational excursion is the chance to visit the illustrious region of Châteauneuf.  A world renowned destination behind the cultivation of the exquisite full bodied wine Châteauneuf du Pape..  The drive will take you away from Marseille and along the way you will witness the stunning sights of the original vineyards and will be given plenty of opportunities to sample the age old tradition at local wineries.  This famous region was once a key provider of wine to the Papal Residence under Pope John XXII.

Along with Marseille itself there are plenty of other destinations to enjoy.  Provence is a beautiful region with so many areas to explore, be it on your own or with the assistance of a planned excursion. La Castellet and Bandol are just two examples of subtle location full of charisma and charm.  Combine the two for a diverse array of hilltop sightseeing to the seaside allure.  You may even find all of the options so far too much and prefer to revel in the beauty of the local beaches.  If this is the case then the most popular by far is to head for the scenic Corniche to then venture the picturesque Prado beaches.

Marseille boasts an impeccable assortment of visually stunning locations, however you wish to spend your day we can guarantee this magnificent city will deliver a wonderful days experience.

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