A jewel in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a beautiful picturesque island in the Cyclades with its azure waters, talcum-white painted houses with brightly coloured shutters, iconic windmills that line the coast along with the colourful fishing boats. As one of the most visited islands in the Aegean, it’s not hard to see why. You’ll find everything from quiet stretches of sand, waterfront cafes, delicious greek food and shopping for every price range. Mykonos has become a very popular Mediterranean cruise destination. 

Picture Perfect Beauty

This beautiful destination is living proof that picture postcard destinations do exist and from the moment you arrive here you are immersed by the stunning culture and superb scenery.  Beach lovers will relish a visit here as the beach settings are truly breath taking and make the ideal spots to simply lay back and watch the world go by. Kalafatis Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Mykonos, and remains a great location for families to enjoy fun in the sun.

A Maze of Twisting Streets

The beaches are certainly impressive but it is the old town here that steals the show. The timeless tradition shines through the maze of twisting streets and alleyways that may seem a little confusing to navigate but don’t worry as it’s supposed to be this way. They were originally designed like this to confuse marauding pirates. 

Windmills of Mykonos

Another thing that you will notice immediately when you arrive in Mykonos is the beauty of whitewashed houses and blue-domed roofs, that are nestled with plenty of chapels in between. You’ll also recognise one of Mykonos most recognisable landmarks, the Greek windmills that can be seen from any corner of Mykonos Town. The most famous windmills are the seven that grace the port, but Mykonos actually has 16 windmills in total. Everything about Mykonos exudes beauty, from the colour and vibrant nature of Mykonos to the ever flowing run of balconies within the old town, all awash with floral splendour. 

Colourful Sunsets

This fantastic cruise port comes to life when the sun goes down and now that more and more cruise lines are beginning to spend longer in port here, providing you with the opportunity to experience it for yourself.  Many cruise lines have taken notice of the spectacular nightlife and decided to extend their stays in port or even offer overnight stays to allow passengers to get the most from their visit. 

The Best of Mykonos

Excursion opportunities here are also excellent and tend to revolve around three main attractions. The first is the aforementioned old town thanks to the many windmills that make for the perfect photograph and the sublime walled gardens.  It is the labyrinthine style here though that attracts passengers time and time again.  Keeping pirates confused may have been the original intention but such design now serves the purpose of entertaining many visitors to the Mykonos shores.  Next on the list of excursion excitements is the Mykonos Archaeological Museum.  Here you can take in the many fascinating sights including a statue of Hercules, a Minoan jug featuring a Trojan War scene and even jewellery from the island of Renia.

Island of Light

Another fabulous place to see when visiting this marvellous cruise port is the nearby "Island of light," Delos.  This is an uninhabited island and birthplace of Apollo, fittingly the god of sunlight, music and beauty.  Here you have the opportunity to walk amongst the incredible ruins including the Avenue of the Lions. There’s even the chance to take a stroll along the path towards Mount Kynthos, the location where Zeus would watch the island events below unfold.

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