This visually stunning Eastern Mediterranean cruise port of call is the capital of the beautiful Greek island Lesbos and serves up sublime landscapes combined with a rich culture and intriguing heritage.  Here you will witness scenic visions from pine forests to olive groves.  One thing that is a possibility here is that you may get confused.  Locals seem to enjoy having a little fun with tourists here and often refer to the whole island as Mytilene.  This can cause some difficulties but rest assured you are in the right place and are sure to enjoy the sumptuous views. 

Mytilene is set just a short distance off the coast of Turkey right at the north of the Aegena Sea.  As mentioned before, olive groves are a regular feature here as the island now serves as a huge producer of olive oil. 

When it comes to taking in the sights there is a lot to choose from.  Here you will discover a great range of architectural sites to enjoy.  Neoclassical architecture is popular feature here and never fails to impress.  Not only this but the capital also boasts an outstanding museum providing an in-depth look at the history and heritage of the island as well as a carefully selected selection of exhibits. 

The most popular attraction of Mytilene is the Venetian Fortress, which has been a dominant feature of the town since the 13th Century.  Situated above to the east and standing above the town, the fortress has been exceptionally well preserved.  The history of the fortress itself is incredibly diverse and its mixed influences are not overly surprising considering the vast amount of forces that have occupied its grounds over the years.  Forces include The Byzantines, Romans, Turks and of course the Venetians hence the title.  The fortress is a particularly special place to visit during the summer period when many cultural events are held within its walls. 

Another huge attraction here is Mytilene’s very own Statue of Liberty.  The statue was formed solely thanks to the journey of a young Greek who travelled to America by ship.  Upon his arrival he became infatuated with New York’s Statue of Liberty and vowed that if the journey home ever became a possibility for him, he would ensure that a statue would be built for his native land.  His dream did come true and he did return home to Mytilene where the statue was built.  It is believed the young Greek saw the statue as a significant symbol of hope and for this reason he dedicated himself to bringing such a symbol to his homeland. 

Shopping lovers will relish the prospect of the many local boutiques especially the many delectable antique stores.  The stores offer a great range of unique and spectacular items.  The most popular and main shopping centre here is situated in Emrou Street.  This excellent shopping centre can be sometimes referred to as 'the market place' so be mindful of this should if going ashore independently.  The shopping haven runs directly parallel to the main promenade making it very easy to find and navigate.  Here you will discover a string of small, vibrant streets that shine combine the wonderful allure of traditional shops with modern day influences such as designer label stores. 

Excursions here offer a variety of options depending on the cruise line you are travelling with but the most commonly selected tour here is an overall view of Lesbos.  Mytilene is a fabulous area to explore but the surrounding areas of Agiassos and Papados Village are also superb, whilst the Bay of Geras offers sensational views.   

Agiassos Village provides a traditional authentic Greek experience with its timeless classic wooden housing.  This traditional mountain village exudes heritage and cobbled streets are lined with plenty to see and do.  It is worth noting that this area is very steep and will require comfortable footwear.  Many passengers enjoy free time here to roam around and enjoy the atmosphere of the locals. 

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