This major sea port is located in the Black Sea and can be found on the southern coast of Ukraine.  Boasting many attractions to cruise passengers, Odessa’s multitude of beaches and vast city centre have made this holiday resort an extremely desirable destination to visit.  It is the wonderful combination of contemporary and traditional features that makes a visit here to fascinating with something new to see around every corner.  Odessa almost possesses a somewhat storybook atmosphere with its pastel colour and numerous gilded domes flowing throughout the city. 

Many cruise passengers visiting here are drawn to the hugely popular Opera House as Odessa is famed for its rich historical culture and in particular, classical music heritage.  The ballet performances at the Opera House are often available as excursions with your cruise line when visiting here and make for a spectacular experience.  The Italian baroque style of the Opera House houses ornate interiors including a majestic ceiling that is awash with scenes from Shakespeare plays. 

Shopping lovers will enjoy a visit to Deribasovskaya Steet in the heart of the old town.  Here major retail outlets sit alongside local government stores and traditional boutiques so if you’re looking for souvenirs to take home then this is the ideal place.  One of the most common souvenirs to take home from here is the ‘Matryoshka’ or Russian ‘nesting’ dolls.

When disembarking your ship at the cruise port if you take a ten minute stroll you will see the Potemkin Steps, a site made famous by Eisenstein’s film ‘Battleship Potemkin’.  There are 192 long steps here all providing an impressive sight to see and an evocative image of Odessa’s major cultural influence on the Black Sea Coast.

The seaside nature of this destination continues to rise in popularity but it is the cultural heritage that has attracted so many tourists here over the years.  One of the most spectacular sightseeing opportunities is the Russo Byzantine Uspensky Cathedral, a truly magnificent sight and a must see when exploring the city.  For lavish palaces and excellent museums, Odessa is again a fabulous cruise destination.  Heading off on a scenic drive allows you to also have the chance to see other exciting sites such as the square of Catherine the Great and the hugely popular Primorsky Boulevard.

The main official square of Odessa and home to many military parades and public celebrations is Kulikovo Pole.  From here you can take a short walk to achieve the best views of the Neo-Byzantine Panteleimonovsky Church, famed for its five onion shaped silver domes and captivating bell tower with its pointed edge.  Shevchenko Park is also close by and this is often a popular location to visit for the chance to explore the Alley of Glory and its 70 foot high Monument to the Unknown Sailor, which commemorates the Odessan soldiers in World War II.

Odessa really is an enchanting destination to visit aboard a Black Sea cruise and continues to grow in both stature and popularity within the cruising world.  The seaside ambience of this port is truly beautiful and whether you wish to relax at one of the many sublime cafes, soak up the glorious sunshine at the beach or take a city stroll, Odessa is a great experience.

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