Located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera; Portofino is a glistening ray of light with a rich heritage and sublime setting.  This radiant seaside town is regular retreat for many celebrities and certainly lives the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.  Super yachts line the enchanting harbour to create an amazing scene of tranquil beauty.  It may sound like a bustling port of call but this delicately poised gem of the Mediterranean is simply stunning in every way.  Depending on your mood or preference there is something to suit all and for those mere mortals not able to sail their own private super yacht into the harbour, the entrance aboard a luxury cruise liner is just as wonderful.

The harbour side is lined with superb bars and restaurant guaranteed to serve a stylish cup of coffee.  Stroll further to discover the plentiful pizzerias and craft centres throughout the entwining streets. Another famous sight of Portofino is the sheer style ambience created by the renowned fashion stores dotted around.  Cartier and Hermes are just two examples of what guests can expect and there are plenty more to provoke a spot of retail therapy. 

There are almost two methods of adventure during your stay here.  The first is to take the notorious trek through the breathtakingly beautiful tiered gardens towards such fabulous structures as the Hotel Splendido.  The aptly named former Benedictine monastery sits at a peak towering over the harbour below.  This walk may be tiring but it is certainly worth the effort once you arrive at your destination.  An amazing sight awaits as you overlook all that lies beneath. The alternative option that guests may prefer is to stay on the flat, closer to the waterfront and explore the delightful pleasures of the surrounding areas.  From this location near the harbour passengers can even make their way to the Santa Margherita beach just a short boat trip away.  This beautiful setting is the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the outstanding climate of the Italian Riviera.  Abbazia di San Fruttuoso would be another option from here for a delectable monastery boasting pottery from the 14th century.  This feature provides the opportunity to basque in a local treasure of culture before a well-earned recharge at the exquisite beachfront.

There is so much to see and do in Portofino passengers will certainly not leave disappointed.  Should you wish, there are many churches to explore such as the awe inspiring locations of the Church of St. Martin and the Church of St. George.  For a museum experience rich in Italian radiance then head for the Castello Brown again set at the top of the peak overlooking the harbour.  There is also the opportunity to behold the Statue of Christ of the Abyss, a submerged bronze statue of Jesus.  Standing at 2.5 metres tall this astonishing vision was placed underwater back in August 1954.  Created by the famous Guido Galletti the statue was designed to depict Jesus Christ in a pose of blessing, facing up at the sky to represent a sign of peace.  Certain cruise operators may run a scuba diving excursion to witness the spectacular creation.

Excursion opportunities do not come much finer than Portofino, especially when it comes to luxurious adventure.  One tour often provided is a leisurely sailing along the beautiful Tigullio Gulf.  Experience the magic of the Ligurian Coast as you glide through the most serene scenery.  Alternatively opt for one of the many culinary expeditions in place in Portofino to experience the local flair of passionate Ligurian chefs.  Taste the sublime and even sample local wine for a day of utter Italian bliss.

Portofino is the ideal place to discover culture and rejuvenation all in one place.  This divine port of call is a huge highlight of a Mediterranean sailing and one to be remembered for a lifetime.

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