The port of Rhodes welcomes you instantaneously for a trip back in time to the charming features of traditional Greece. Cruising to Rhodes allows passengers to sail right into the heart of the Old Town and provides a wonderful vantage point for a brilliant photo opportunity. The Dodecanese region is as enchanting as it gets and Rhodes is now considered the most popular tourist destination here. When you peel back the layers of this illustrious destination it is easy to see why so many people adore this fabulous Eastern Mediterranean port of call. 

One of the most attractive features of Rhodes as a port of call for a cruising itinerary is the wonderful ease of accessibility to the Old Town from the port.  Once you have disembarked the ship the Old Town is an approximate ten-minute stroll away from the port and present a wide range of exploration opportunities depending on how you wish to spend your day. 

Palace of the Grand Masters

It’s rare that visitors have the chance to walk within the medieval walls of a city, even more so to explore the twenty-four centuries of history they behold, and it soon becomes obvious that the Old Town of Rhodes is a melting pot of different cultures and civilisation. The main historical attractions are all available to see at a walking distance, with the main attraction of the town being the Palace of the Grand Masters. With its narrow alleys, daunting bastions and imposing gates it will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. This magnificent 14th century building was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion in 1856, and was later restored by Italians who occupied Dodecanese islands at the time.

After seeing all that the Medieval wall of the city has to offer, why not take a walk through the Old Town to discover even more remarkable scenery in the Old Town, especially when you walk towards the famous Odos Ippoton otherwise known as the “Street of the Knights”. If you’re looking for historical monuments, these continue on with such sights as the Mosque of Suleyman and the Byzantine Museum. Although it is a short walking distance to the Old Town Centre, passengers looking for a flat and easy walkable route will benefit by heading to the left of the port towards Rimini Square which will then give access to the city by the main moat area. 

Sokratous Street

Turkish influence here is clear following the reign of the Ottoman Empire for a distinct period of the history of Rhodes. Sitting parallel to the Streets of the Knight, always buzzing with life thanks to the cluster of shops and cafes that line the streets, Sokratous Street is home to a fascinating Turkish market where guests will discover an array of fantastic items for purchase. Local specialities include carpet rugs, jewellery and more and the best advice to be given here, is to always haggle for a bargain.

Sugar-cube Houses Of Lindos

For something different and a definite best seller with many cruise operators, head for the picturesque settlement of Lindos, where the sugar-cube houses that sprawl down the hillside under the centuries-old acropolis, happens to be one of the most photographed scenes in Greece. The sugar-cube houses and their labyrinth of alleyways where once intentionally designed to confuse pirates, but today they provide tourists with a real adventure. Wander through arched doorways, medieval residences and votsalotó (which translates to pebbly) courtyards that adorn the streets adding to charming, cosmopolitan flair of Lindos. Here you can also witness the majestic magnitude of the Acropolis is St Paul’s Bay and the amazing Temple of Athena Lindia before returning to the Old Town.

Trolley Train

A trolley train is another brilliant way to see the city of Rhodes. A hop on, hop off system is in place with this method of transport and allows guests to meander the city using the train as a charismatic way of getting around. This can be arranged by your cruise operator for peace of mind or arranged separately on the day of arrival with the train operators. 

The mesmerising sights of Rhodes continue to attract tourism year after year simply due to the glistening beauty here. Those looking to relax will love the local taverns and native speciality food and drink. For those looking to explore a destination steeped in historical wonder then Rhodes is also the ideal port of call. No matter your choice of how you wish to spend the day, just relax and enjoy the divine essence of Rhodes.

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