A truly enchanting city, Rome is quite literally one of the finest destinations the world has to offer. Outstanding sightseeing opportunities entwine with sumptuous cuisine and some of the greatest shopping opportunities you could ever imagine. This splendid city glistens itself in glory, breath-taking heritage and sheer beauty. Welcome to the wonderful Mediterranean port of call that is Rome.

The 'People’s Square'

Guests will make their entrance to this magical city via the port of Civitavecchia, which is approximately a 90 minute drive from the city centre depending on traffic. Upon arrival the majority of cruise lines like to use the Piazza del Popolo as their main meeting point to both commence and finish the day with. This beautiful setting literally translates to be known as the “people’s square” and is a brilliant opening scene for your gateway to Rome.

When In Rome…

We would always advise planning your day in Rome before you arrive, the city is magnificent but there is so much to see, the hardest part of your day will be deciding what to do next. There are many excursion opportunities to choose from such as a walking tour through the glory of Rome or possibly a panoramic drive for those looking to cut down on walking whilst not missing out on the beautiful scenery. Alternatively there is the option of “Rome on your own”.  Selecting this option provides the transport to and from the city itself with your cruise operator yet gives you the ultimate freedom to decide your own day and take things at your own pace.


Enough about excursion details let’s get down to the beautiful sights and sounds this great city holds. There is so much to do in Rome but there are certain sights you just cannot miss; the Colosseum being one of them. An absolutely astonishing sight, this amazing construction stands proudly in the heart of the city and the sweeping roads towards it provide the perfect build up to your arrival. You can opt to enjoy exterior photo opportunities or choose to go inside either individually or through a tour to really unveil the masterpiece. Discover the incredible history the Colosseum holds and imagine the times that have passed. You can even take part in a Gladiator day, to be trained in the art of the Gladiator combat.

Trevi Fountain

The breath taking scenery continues in the form of the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world and the largest of the Baroque fountains in the city. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was commissioned to create renovations to the original fountain design as it was considered by the Pope at the time to be lacking in passion and dramatic impact. The project was later abandoned however due to the death of the Pope yet there are many remaining Bernini touches that feature in the fountain today.  Boasting a truly captivating sight, this magnificent creation radiates splendour. Visitors travel from far and wide to capture a glimpse of this incredible setting, a world renowned experience and one you will not forget.  Make sure you partake in the fountain traditions as it was once considered that a drink from the fresh waters of the fountain would ensure good fortune as well as a swift return to the city of Rome.  This has now been replaced with the toss of a coin over your left shoulder and there is also the wonderful romantic ritual that couples who drink from the mini fountain to the left hand side will forever be faithful and will return again together in the future.

Vatican City

So far we have touched on two of the finest attractions Rome has to offer and we have barely even scratched the service of this mesmerising city. Visit the Vatican City formally known as Stato della Città del Vaticano and the smallest independent city in the world based on population (approximately 800) and area. This stunning city makes for an incredible day of exploration, however, be advised that queues will form and during the heights of the peak season it can take a while to gain entry, we advise if you are wishing to indulge in the sights of the Vatican that you partake in an organised excursion through your cruise operator.

The corridor lined street leading to the Vatican presents the ultimate gateway and a scintillating scene itself; St Peters Square.  This entrancing vision is directly in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the papal enclave within Rome.

The wonders of this city continue with such master pieces as the Spanish Steps not to mention the beauty and sheer extravagance of Sistine Chapel, home to Michelangelo’s finest work. There is also the majestic Pantheon considered to be the most complete ancient Roman building that remains within the city and a truly sensational sight to be-hold.

Designer Stores And Chic Boutiques

With so much going on around you it is easy to forget that amongst the impeccable heritage and cultural wonders Rome has to offer, it is now a delightfully modern and cosmopolitan metropolis with designer stores and chic boutiques for a shoppers paradise.  Pedestrianised shopping streets create the perfect haven for visitors and locals to make their way around the city with ease.  Once you’ve exhausted your shopping energy there is the stunning opportunity to take the weight off your feet and enjoy the fabulous cuisine this city has to offer. Cafés and restaurants spill out onto Piazzas providing the finest, authentic Italian culinary delights.  Enjoy sumptuous pizza, pasta and not forgetting ice cream. 

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