A coastal town in Southwestern Italy, overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a picturesque town that is known for its sweeping sea views, Italian charm and character that draws so many visitor’s years after year. Pleasant for pottering around down pedestrian lanes, heading into trendy tourist boutiques, opting for Limoncello tastings and savouring tasty cuisine, Sorrento really knows how to welcome visitors.

Vibrant Coastal Charm

From the moment you arrive in Sorrento you will notice the charm of this exceptional resort town. Sorrento unveils a remarkable welcome to visitors and the local population are incredibly friendly.  Enjoy the sublime piazzas, come discover the delightful buildings from the 14th and 15th century or soak up the atmosphere at one of the many cafes and restaurants serving the finest local cuisine. Sorrento is the gateway to some of Italy’s finest destinations and a truly mesmerising port of call to enjoy aboard a cruise of the Mediterranean.

Stroll Around Sorrento

The surrounding areas of the town are truly spectacular and offer some of the finest views imaginable. Take in the grandeur of the gardens of Sorrento full of lemon and olive trees where guests can even sample some of the home made produce such as bread and salami. There’s also the chance to discover the process of Mozzarella cheese at a local farmhouse. Many tours in Sorrento will combine both rural and town areas to give a lovely tour of both sides of this charming area. Relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the country before heading into the cosmopolitan area of Sorrento. Once you arrive into the centre you will see the Corso Italia, that is perfect for a stroll and of course there is the marvellous Cathedral here that stands in dominance, certainly worth seeing to capture a great photograph. Shopping opportunities are also excellent here with many boutique stores to take home a unique souvenir to remember your cruise by. Jewellery stores are superb here and guests will also find a brilliant array of designer label stores. 

Amalfi Coast

Away from Sorrento there are many iconic sights to see. This port of call is loved for being the gateway to many exciting Italian regions.  Not only is Sorrento beautiful but the fascinating civilisation of Pompeii lies close by and then there’s the unforgettable Amalfi Coast that is perched on top of one of Italy’s craggy cliffs. The Amalfi Coast is renowned for being one of the most amazing driving locations in the world. Witness the alluring magnetism to this spectacular area as you take in the captivating scenery. Amalfi is also an area of blissful romance, great history and architectural wonders. 


The tragic events that occurred in Pompeii will never be forgotten but the civilisation continues to grow stronger in an area that was once lost. To this present day Pompeii poses a prodigious exploration opportunity when cruising into this region and is a must visit attraction. Although the debris has now been lifted to reveal the amazing remnants below, at its worst, there was at least 20 feet of pumice stone covering Pompeii. 

Island of Capri

If you’re looking for a day of grandeur, then head to the indulgent island of Capri.  The views here are remarkably beautiful and the astounding atmosphere is as luxurious as you could possibly imagine. From here you can reach the magnificent locations of Anacapri and the exquisite bay of Marina Piccola. 

Anacapri boasts some of the most amazing shopping with exclusive stores and extravagant, bustling streets. The bustling centre of La Piazzetta in Capri, is a famous square that’s impossible to miss as you’ll pass right through it. Stop for coffee, a bite to eat and be enthralled by the fascinating sight of the old architecture that now sits around the many pavement cafes serving the delightful delicacies of Italian cuisine.

Marina Piccola

The arrival point for the majority of cruise ships calling in Sorrento is the Marina Piccola cruise tender dock. From here there will usually be two options for scaling the hill to the central area of the port. One option us by foot, for those who wish to take on a leisurely stroll and soak up the entrancing views as they do. Alternatively, guests can opt for the less strenuous coach journey. Transfers to and from the ship area to the centre will usually run throughout the day, implemented by most cruise operators for the comfort of their passengers, especially during the warm climate period of the summer where temperatures are wonderfully warm. 

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