The second largest Croatian city and by the largest Dalmatian city, the fantastic Mediterranean cruise destination of Split is certainly not to be missed.  Nestling beautifully within the exquisite Dalmatian coast, the city of Split portrays a sublime image of rich heritage, cultural splendour and a picture postcard backdrop.  This exciting port of call to the east Adriatic revolves primarily around the dominant stature of the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian.  Built in preparation for his retirement, Diocletian created a masterpiece of architectural design that continues to wow from the moment passengers sail into port.  This sensational sight is considered one of the greatest preserved Roman palaces and has earned the recognition of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Turning to face the other direction, the majestic splendor of Split continues with stunning views out over the peninsular of charming islands.  These islands are known as Kornati archipelago and include the fabulous holiday destinations of Vis, Hvar and Brac.

Before heading into the delightful centre of Split, one of the most attractive scenes to explore is the amazing seafront promenade.  As you stroll along the seafront Riva guests will discover an array of culinary specialities within the many cafes, bars and restaurants.  Relish local cuisine pleasures as stewed beef and famous lamb dishes.  This is perfectly complemented by a wander into one of the renowned Konoba’s where guests can explore the impeccable range of locally produced wines.

The centre of Split provides a sensational scene of picturesque beauty.  Completely pedestrianized, the setting provides easy access around the many humble boutique stores and the chance to discover some of the fascinating street art taking shape.  Head further to the right of the central area and you will find the famous Split market place where an amazing array of bargains are available for some retail therapy.  Take home a souvenir to remember the exuberant charm of Split.   

Shore excursions here revolve primarily around sightseeing opportunities and there is plenty to see so it is not hard to understand why.  Many passengers often head slightly further afield from Split itself to the captivating setting of Salona.  Just three miles away, this Roman settlement nestles warmly into a charismatic location welcoming tourist to explore what is now considered to be the most significant Roman excavation site in Croatia.  Many guests also combine the journey to Salona with a visit to the cultural pleasure of the Archaeological Museum.  This location provides the chance to witness the evolution of Split over time and take in the rich historical features of this superb city.

As well as the city itself, the countryside here is truly mesmerising and many cruise operators will run excursions to take you there.  Head for Krka National Park all 142 miles of it and soak up the enchanting scenery of lakes, rapids and a canyon spilling into the magical waterfall sight plummeting 147 feet.  Along with the stunning sights of the countryside, other eye-catching attractions include Klis Fortress and the gallery of Ivan Mestrovic. 

There is so much to see and do here the choice is endless.  Do not be concerned by the intense focus of sightseeing here, should you prefer to simply sit back and relax, there are many locations in which to do so.  Entrancing beach scenes await or perhaps just put your feet up at one of the many seafront venues looking out across the Dalmatian Coast.  A magnificent climate is complimented by wonderful scenery to present the unique gem that is Split. 

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