La Goulette provides the gateway to Tunis and is situated approximately 40 minutes from the city.  Tunis provides a great opportunity to soak up the Tunisian lifestyle, culture and vibrant nature.  The central focus point here is the Old City Medina where many passengers make the top of their list when visiting here.  The shopping opportunities here are brilliant so practice your bargaining skills and be prepared to haggle to take home a bargain.  It’s part of the culture here and the way of life so have some fun with it and enjoy the day.  Here there is also the chance to take in the Mosque Ezzitouna for an exceptional photo opportunity.  The Mosque can only be seen from the exterior however, as the interior is off limits to visitors.  Not only do you have the pleasure of the city centre here but close by is also are the ruins of Carthage.  A visit here is sensational and guests will see the amphitheatre, temple ruins, monuments and columns all steeped in history.  A visit here will undoubtedly include seeing the famous Roman Theatre and the Trophet, renowned for being the location where human sacrifices were performed as an offering to the gods. 

Choose between the Carthage, Tunis city centre or even combine the two should you wish.  Excursions here are great with plenty of choice.  There is also Sidi Bou Said, a more intimate setting and perfect for a relaxing stroll.  Its sublime Moorish architecture offers an entrancing backdrop as you meander the streets and possibly enjoy a glass of wine.

Tunis itself as many treasures to see including the Musee du Bardo to see Roman mosaics and you can even see the aqueduct created by the Romans running through the city centre.  The city also has a great crafts trade with plenty of opportunities to watch the creators at work.  Witness exquisite weavers at work and see the skill and techniques implemented by the fantastic goldsmiths.

There are many great options for sightseeing here but one of the best things to do is to simply relax.  The beaches are sublime and many cruise lines will offer transfer services to ideal locations to soak up the spectacular sunshine.  The climate here is exceptional so what better way to take advantage of that than to spend the day watching the world go by on a blissful white sandy beach.  Many cruise lines use Gammarth resort as an excursion option here.  P&O Cruises in particular opt for this area and have done so for a while due to its beauty.  There may even be the chance to use facilities of one of the luxurious hotels that line the waterfront.  The Tunisian sea is perfect for swimming or head for the hotel swimming pools to relax in the lavish surroundings.  P&O Cruises often use the Barcelo Resort here but other cruise lines may differ. 

La Goulette is an up and coming cruise port certainly worth seeing.  Tunis provides a fabulous day of exploration and the nearby areas of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said complete the options for a wonderful day in the sun.  Whether it’s a relaxing day at the beach or a fun filled adventure in the city, La Goulette boasts an exciting location from which to explore.

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