Welcome to the magical world of Venice where romantic gondola rides, stunning architecture and bustling piazzas make Venice one the most popular Mediterranean ports. One of Venice’s most spectacular sights awaits, as you sail parallel to the wondrous Grand Canal, manoeuvring through the vivacious lagoons for an experience like no other. Once on dry land, get lost in a maze of winding streets, historical bridges, hidden shops and piazza and discover the well-loved city of Venice.

Lose Yourself In Maze Like Streets

Just about the perfect cruise call, the sensational city of Venice is perfect due its ideal accessibility. The main Venice cruise terminal complex is a stone’s throw away from the beginning of the Grand Canal, providing the perfect hub to explore from. There are only a few choices for getting around as cars are banned from this world heritage location. With over 500 historic bridges combined with breathtakingly beautiful maze like narrow streets, the methods of travel are mesmerizingly captivating for a wonderful experience. Inject a little romance and take in a gondola ride for a fun method of transportation, and a unique experience of complete tranquillity as you glide through the famous city with your very own private tour guide. Alternatively head for the vaporetto, a water-bus network transporting passengers up and down the sensational sights of the Grand Canal.

St. Mark’s Square

The walk into St. Mark’s Square is nothing short of superb, with uniquely charming stores that line the way for all to enjoy. The “city of masks” is emphasised through an unbelievable selection of fine artworks that you can even take home with you as a stunning souvenir. You’ll enter the famous square of St. Mark’s Square to the sight of the fascinating Bell Tower that immediately catches the eye. Also known as the Campanile di San Marco, this entrancing sight stands at 323 ft. tall, and is one of the most recognisable features of the city. The Bell Tower is topped by a cube where the alternate faces of the belfry show the Lion St. Mark and the female representation of Venice. From St Mark’s Square you can experience the delights of the Doges Palace, the Rialto Bridge and the amazing Bridge of Sighs.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge presents a retail paradise as the shop lined creation exudes authentic design. Visually stunning, this miraculous creation will wow guests from the moment they set eyes on it, where an atmosphere of pure wonder is produced.  This bridge presented incredible importance to the city of Venice due to the introduction of the Rialto Market on the eastern bank.  The increased flow of traffic meant that the first wooden bridge was required to allow an improved flow making this impressively striking point of interest a true landmark of Venice.

Doge Palace

The Doge Palace provides a magnificent cultural adventure to take in the truly phenomenal heritage of this magnificent city. Built in traditional Venetian gothic style, the palace was the original residence of the illustrious Doge of Venice; the chief magistrate and leader of the most serene Republic of Venice. An incredible landmark that was transformed into a museum in 1923 and now stands as one of eleven museums run by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

The incredible range of highlights this city boasts is quite honestly astonishing. Some of the finest hotels the world has to offer line the Grand Canal for visually magnificent views. Take Note the sight of the world’s oldest casino as you sail by; Casino di Venezia, a world renowned glamorous venue that many consider to be the place to be seen.

The Colourful Island of Burano

The Murano glass and Burano tour is often considered by many to be an incredible opportunity. The 16th century was known to be the great age of Murano glass and still to this day the Murano glass remains a revered product.  For an awe inspiring visit to this eminent location you will witness a demonstration as well as have the opportunity to purchase some of the distinctively desirable pieces from the gallery. From here on you will be transported via motor launch to the sumptuous Burano, a cunningly charming fishing village with its brightly-coloured houses, for a slice of relaxation and pure blissful serenity.

Not only does this city present some of the finest scenery you can even begin to contemplate, it also possesses some of the world’s finest cuisine. Guests will love the range of food and drink available, as stunning restaurants line the Grand Canal for the most astonishing views out over the entrancing lagoon. 

For an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, enjoy Venice today aboard one our outstanding cruise voyages for an enthralling adventure into the apple of the Eastern Mediterranean’s eye. A cruise ship provides a vantage point like no other to view Venice, book now to realise the miracle of this extraordinary city.

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