Safaga provides a welcoming port of call and a tremendous gateway to some of Egypt’s most visited attractions.  From here guests have the opportunity to witness the famous Nile.  This sight will present an unforgettable experience as you head through the small towns before arriving here to soak up the unique and unforgettable atmosphere.  Passengers have many choices when arriving here as the river will be your guide to some of the most incredible locations Egypt has to offer.  Guests have the chance to explore the areas of Karnak and Luxor or alternatively opt to enjoy the spectacular beach resort of Hurghada with its serene clear waters and sumptuous coastal scenery, this is also one of the world’s greatest locations for scuba diving and snorkelling.

A visit to Karnak provides the opportunity to see truly magnificent sightseeing locations.  The Temple of Karnak is remarkable in stature and is renowned for being one of the greatest places of worship in the history of the entire Egyptian history.  The structures in Karnak are truly breath taking and the area is one of the most incredible locations you could imagine to visit.  The temple complex outshines that of any other in the ancient world and its size is utterly mesmerising.  Amon Ra was the inspiration behind the original temples creation, built in his honour to celebrate the Sun God.  From that the time the complex of temples has grown in scale and enrichment following the workd of pharaohs over almost 2,000 years. 

Luxor is also a wonderful place to see and once again offers fabulous sightseeing opportunities for cruise passengers to enjoy.  You will drive across the Nile to here before arriving at the sensational Valley of the Kings, which also holds the title of the City of the Dead.  The reason for this title is that the dead were buried here due to the sun setting in the west.  Pharaohs were buried here and the scale and grandeur of their tombs would depend on the length of which they reigned.  In total 64 pharaohs tombs currently reside here, the most famous of course being that of Tutankhamun.  His tomb can be seen but will only be open for a short period of time each day, therefore it depends on the cruise operator you are travelling as to whether this will be included in the excursion itself.  If this is a possibility, it is important to note that entrance into the tomb is usually at a small extra entrance fee but it is certainly worth it. 

For photographical sightseeing, without a doubt, two of the best locations are the Colossi of Memnon and the statues of Amenophis at the east bank of the Nile.  Alternative options close to Luxor include the Temple of Luxor. 

If you’re reading this so far and thinking, sounds good but I would prefer a more relaxing day in the sunshine then fear not as the options for you are just as fantastic.  Hurghada is your destination for the day and this captivating location has now been transformed into a modern day beach resort yet still retains an alluring desert atmosphere of traditional times.  Awe inspiring beaches combine with magnificent views as you sip a freshly made cocktail under the shimmering sunshine.  Take a dip in the water to cool off or even snorkel the amazing array of coral reefs the area has to offer for the chance to see the tropical fish collection.  Waters sports here are also excellent with the chance to try many different adrenaline fuelling activities. 

The port of Safaga may at first offer an understated sight but it certainly offers a thrilling day’s adventure and relaxation with its gateway to many of Egypt’s most fascinating locations.

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