Salalah is a wonderful port of call to visit to see a fantastically diverse city of great interest.  Salalah boasts a fabulous opportunity to enjoy the modern resort experience whilst also combining this with timeless Arabic traditions and influences.  Here passengers have the chance to roam ancient ruins and purchase frankincense as well as marvel at the outstanding mountainous backdrop of the city, an amazing sight for a once in a lifetime photograph. 

The beaches here are truly beautiful settings and perfect for soaking up the warm climate sunshine of this incredible part of the world.  Alternatively if you would prefer to be more active and explore the sights then take in the palace of the Queen of Sheba and the lost city of Samhuran.  The city boasts an incredible array of antiquity. 

Here natural beauty combines elegantly with resort creations and ancient tradition.  For natural beauty experiences be sure to opt for a desert tour and enjoy the fascinating scenery and cultures away from the city.  Amazingly this port of call also combines this with the chance to wander delightful lush countryside regions and the chance to see the springs of Ain Sahnot and the incredible heights of Jabal al Qar. 

Salalah is a wonderful port of call with a captivating vibe and intriguing atmosphere.  The many excursion opportunities are excellent but if you prefer to sit back and relax then this is also an ideal place for you. 

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