The world renowned port of Suez boasts a bustling Egyptian port and the gateway to some of the famous tourist attractions in the region.  From this captivating destination guests have the opportunity to visit Cairo and in particular the Pyramids at Giza.  Not only is the port itself a fantastic place to visit but the transit along the famous Suez Canal is truly spectacular.  Make sure you are out on deck to catch the breath taking sights as your ship makes its way along one of the world’s greatest sailing experiences.  The Suez Canal actually gives passengers the impression they are sailing right through the centre of the desert, an unforgettable spectacle.  The port of Suez lies at the Red Sea end of the Suez Canal and is a must see when sailing this area. 

The illustrious Suez Canal presents one of the finest maritime points of interest you could possibly imagine and at 101 miles long it is a unique vantage point for a great photograph.  Fifteen years in the making, this stunning scenic voyage opportunity was completed in 1869 hugely cutting the journey time from England to India down by reducing the sailing by 7,000 miles.  The majority of cruise vessels when sailing into the port of Suez will have travelled through or be about to sail through the Suez Canal, however, there are certain cruises that will not and just visit Suez before heading off in the other direction.  If the Suez Canal is something you wish to do, then make sure this is included in the itinerary.  For a cruise just visiting Suez without a trip through the famous Canal, there is still the chance to witness the majestic sights of the action by talking a stroll along the Corniche where you can capture the image of ships lining up in preparation to begin their transit towards the other side of the globe. 

Excursion opportunities from the port of Suez often revolve primarily around tour to Cairo.  The best-selling options by far include the chance to take in the Necropolis of Sakkara, Pyramids of Giza and the ancient cemetery of Sakkara.  The world renowned tourist attractions continue to boast an incredible wow factor as you step up close to take in the dominant stature of such high profile structures.  I was the Ancient Greeks who first declared the Great Pyramid to be one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ and this is still the case today.  A visit here takes passengers to through the heart of the bustling metropolis of Cairo before arriving at the Western Plateau for a brilliant vantage point of all three pyramids and the chance to capture a once in a lifetime photograph.  If you have extra time in the area or if the tour includes it, then be sure to visit the nearby pleasures of the Papyrus Institute as well as taking in the many local bazaars for superb shopping opportunities.  Make sure you are ready to haggle and barter your way to a bargain for the best result. 

A trip to Suez provides the chance to witness two of the world’s most incredible sights.  Take in the mesmerising views of the Suez Canal before travelling to Cairo and Giza for the Great Pyramid.  There is nothing quite like the vision of these iconic experiences for an unforgettable cruising holiday.

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