The cruise port itself is relatively small and welcomes passengers to a charming sleepy fishing village.  It is the surrounding attractions that make this port of call so exciting as Eidfjord sits on the edge of Norway’s largest national park not forgetting the spectacular Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau. 

Quaint Yet Charismatic

If you wish to head into Eidfjord itself then you will not be disappointed.  This quaint yet charismatic destination stands on the banks of the fjord, from which it takes its name and possesses many of its own attractions.  These include the incredible Viking Burial Place, home of the largest collection of ancient graves in western Norway as well as a superb 14th century church. 

You may prefer to head straight for the dramatic sights of Hardangervidda and if this is the case then you are in for a treat.  This remarkable experience is a must when visiting here and certainly worth considering being done as an excursion with your cruise line to get the most from your day.  Excursions here often combine the spectacular scenery of Hardangervidda with a visit to the Sysen Dam and the beautiful Vøringfoss Waterfall.  The journey alone is enough to get excited about as you will drive along the River Eio towards the village of Øvre-Eidfjord before taking in the awe inspiring mountain walls of Måbødal Valley.  It is then that you begin your assent of 2,460 feet above sea level to the mesmerising Hardangervidda mountain plateau.  This is the largest mountain plateau in all of Northern Europe and provides truly breath taking scenery.  Alongside the scenery, another huge attraction to this special place is the wildlife.  The majority of this area is a National Park and as such is home to a vast amount of vegetation and protected species.  You will witness an amazing array of wildlife here and this is one of the very few places now where you can see wild reindeer herds living untended. 

Phenomenal Sysen Dam

Sysen Dam is yet another magnificent sight to see here and remains one of the largest embankment dams in Norway.  Here you will experience a dam that holds over 127 billion cubic feet of water and is the main reservoir for Sima Power Station.  The phenomenal dam boasts walls standing at an amazing 262 feet high comprised of natural stone and gravel.  You can take a slow stroll along part of the dam to take in the sensational views and at times it is even possible to see the Hardangerjøkul Glacier from here, if the skies are in your favour. 

Hardangervidda Nature Centre

The Hardangervidda Nature Centre is another fabulous place to visit when sailing into this cruise port.  The Nature Reserve is renowned for its superb methods of showcasing the areas rich heritage with many interactive methods used to portray the culture and history of the region.  You may prefer to experience more scenery here and if this is the case then the Troll Train is a great opportunity for this.  This experience travels through the Mabodalen Valley and offers the chance to take in the most famous waterfall in Norway, Voringsfossen, free falling an incredible 500 feet. 

Queen of the Fjords

Hardangerfjord is consider by many as the ‘Queen of the Fjords’ and is certainly what makes a visit here so special.  Referred to as one of the loveliest locations in Norway, a visit here is truly special when cruising this wonderful part of the world.  

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