Flaam welcomes passengers to its shores to experience a unique intimate village atmosphere. The journey into the port of Flaam is extremely beautiful as the ship will make its way along the Sognefjord, renowned for being one of the most memorable cruising opportunities throughout the world. Sognefjord is the world’s longest and deepest fjord and portrays are truly spectacular cruising experience overlooked by cascading waterfalls and dramatic mountainous scenery. The Sogneford is not Flaam's only claim to fame, it also has the extraordinary Flam Railway.

Flaam Railway

The entrance to this wonderful destination would be enough to excite, but Flaam itself is a truly brilliant port of call to visit with a fascinating array of sightseeing opportunities. Flaam is renowned for its railway which winds its way around the Sognefjord, providing guests on board with unforgettable views of Europe’s longest fjord. In the span of an hour the train takes guests from sea level at the Sognefjord to the Myrdal mountain at 867 metres above sea, travelling through spectacular scenery alongside the Rallar Road through plunging waterfalls, the mountainside and through 20 tunnels. This trip alone is just one of the ways you can experience an unmissable vantage point over the port and capture some of the magnificent views Flaam has on offer. 

Scenic Fjords

A journey on Flaam’s Railway isn’t the only way guests here can experience Flaam’s scenery as there are many ways to take it in. Boat trips are fantastic for heading off the beaten track and down several of the many branches leading off the Sognefjord. One of the most popular boat trips features a trip through Aurlandsfjord to Beitelen and back again. Away from Flaam itself, other options include a trip towards the Nærøy Valley and the entrancing sights of Glashamaren. This tour is often by coach and provides a leisurely panoramic experience for the day. 

Stegastein Viewing Platform

The the Stegastein viewing platform is a popular sightseeing attraction in Flaam and sits 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord. The four-metre-wide, 30-metre-long platform that juts out from the mountain and offers unsurpassed views of Flaam.

Sample Nordic Cuisine

For guests looking to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Norwegian culture, there are many opportunities to sample the delicious Nordic cuisine. A popular excursion for many visitors in Flaam is to head for the midst of the Norwegian mountain region heading towards Storestølen Lodge. Guests are then treated to a beautiful array of divine dishes including smoked sea trout and sour cream porridge, not forgetting the outstanding salmon dishes here.  This culinary delight is accompanied by local entertainment such as traditional folk dancing.

Flaam is a wonderful port of call and one not to be missed if you’re looking for a spectacular Norwegian experience.

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