Geirangerfjord may only be nine miles long, but its sheer beauty and outstanding landscapes provide a unique experience for cruise passengers. Geiranger is the most photographed area of all the Norwegian Fjords and once you arrive it is certainly not hard to see why. Glistening waterfalls flank the cruise port as they flow from the edges of the overlooking peaks of the fjord and The Seven Sisters waterfall is particularly remarkable to see.

Explore The Natural Beauty

The port of Geiranger is actually just a small village making it an extremely accessible destination for cruise guests. The mountainous scenery and natural beauty can be explored through various means of transport including panoramic coach tours and boat tours, though Geiranger also makes for the ideal base for walking. If you’re looking for something truly magnificent then head for Dalsnibban Mountain, overlooking the dramatic fjord scenery and soak up the exquisite atmosphere, perfect for a once in a lifetime photograph. A tour to this iconic location often includes coach transport up the hill and with a stop at the superb Flydalsjuvet Gorge. Once at the peak of the mountain and should the weather be in your favour, it is possible to see as far out as 100 miles.

Guided Kayak Tours

Excursion opportunities here are fantastic with so much to see and do. For an action packed adventure opt for a kayaking experience and witness one of the world’s masterpieces up close and personal from the Seven Sisters waterfall to the Geirangerfjord Preacher’s Pulpit. The local guides will provide you with a rich insight into the history of the area and the miraculous landscapes as you pass by. Another method of taking in the sights by water is to opt for the opportunity to board a high speed RIB boat. Your professional pilot and guide will navigate the waters with impressive manoeuvres whilst explaining the heritage of the impressive region. Marvel at such sights at Bridal Vail Waterfall for a picture postcard experience.

Spectacular Scenery

The views of Geiranger are equally fabulous on land. A panoramic coach journey passes Flydal Gorge to Dalsnibban Mountain but the hairpin bends of the Stryne Road are also not to be missed. This route leads down to Hornindal Lake; the deepest fresh water lake in Europe. Coach trip transfers also provide the opportunity to take in Briksdal Glacier. This fascinating feature located in Jostedalsbreen National Park is part of the largest glacier formation in mainland Europe, known as the Jostedal Glacier Icefield. Trips here are filled with exciting scenery before finishing off at the famous Briksdal Inn for a delightful lunch and the chance to sample some local Nordic cuisine.

Geiranger is a wonderful port of call to explore whether you wish to do an excursion or not. The village is easily walkable from the port and provides a beautiful location to enjoy one of the sublime café’s and marvel at the sensational scenery, however you choose to spend the day here, Geiranger never fails to leave a fabulous lasting impression.

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