This fascinating location is considered the ultimate North Cape cruise port and when you arrive and witness the incredible scenery, it is not hard to see why.  The busy fishing port welcomes passengers to Mangeroya Island and is the capital of Norways most northerly municipality, Nordkapp.  The welcome setting of Honningsvaag is truly spectacular and Nordkapp is bounded by the beauty of the Barents Sea. The mainland offers many exciting attractions but the main place to visit here is the North Cape Plateau, situated just 20 miles from the cruise port. 

The North Cape Plateau

The North Cape Plateau is an awe inspiring experience and is set on a cliff top at over 900 feet above sea level. This is the final frontier before the Arctic Ocean and the most northerly point in the whole of Europe. This exact point is home to one of the greatest photograph opportunities you could ever hope to capture. It remains famous as many guests take the chance to be photographed alongside the globe sculpture on the cliff top. This exquisite photograph opportunity is made all the more special by the glowing backdrop of the Midnight Sun, which shines here on approximately 77 nights of the year and is often in place during peak North Cape cruising periods. Of course there’s more than just the views to experience here, there’s also the tremendous history of the North Cape and for this there is no finer place to visit than the North Cape Heritage Museum in Honningsvaag itself. 

The journey to the North Cape Plateau takes you along dramatic terrain for a wild and desolate adventure. It is usually a 45 minute journey to reach the climb of the North Cape. This is the point where the Norwegian Sea meets the Barents Sea combining the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean together. The aforementioned globe structure was erected here in 1978 and has since become more than just a photographical wonder and is now considered the actual symbol for the North Cape.

The North Cape Hall is a fantastic place to explore, especially the ‘Experience Centre’. This attraction offers guests a film about the area’s history and a guide through the seasons.  There’s a gift shop here for anyone wishing to purchase a souvenir to take home and you can even see the post office to purchase the sought after North Cape postmark. Should you wish, there is also a fabulous restaurant here offering the most stunning panoramic views whilst you dine, the foods not too bad either!  Afterwards take a stroll once more out to the top of the cliff and take in the amazing views. If there’s one piece of advice we would definitely give for a visit here though it’s to take a warm jacket with you as even on sunny days the wind chill at the cliff top can still be quite harsh and certainly requires you to wrap up a little bit to avoid a chill. 

Artico Ice Bar

Aside from the usual popular excursion opportunities here, there are other unique options to try should you be looking for something a little different. One of which is the chance to visit the Artico Ice Bar, a modern and elegant bar that is in fact re-created each and every year by a group of artists. The work that goes into the bars creation is absolutely amazing and the artists are renowned for heading to the Lapland Lakes to source the finest and most exquisite natural ice to use as the bars structure and to create the cool masterpiece. Winter magic is created here from the moment you see it. Step inside and enjoy a range of drinks available amongst the ice, snow and 23 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. You’ll be wrapped up warm as you head inside and all seats have warm reindeer skin covers, you can even experience the novelty of an igloo should you wish and take a sip of a drink from an ice shot glass. 

RIB Boat Adventure

The other sensational unique excursion opportunity here for something truly different is to head out on a RIB boat adventure to the King Crab pots. The King Crab can live to 30 years old, measure up to 6 feet between its claws and weigh as much as 22 pounds. The catch in the crab pots will most likely be smaller, between 6 and 15 pounds.

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