Stavanger is a port steeped in history, and acts as a wonderful gateway to the heart of the stunning fjordlands, and the town itself boasts an impeccably rich heritage. Regarded by many as the ‘Cradle of the Vikings’, this sensational port of call welcomes passengers to the cruise terminal lying right alongside the Gamle Stavanger, the old quarter of the town.

Gamle Stavanger

The 200 year old white wooden houses line the streets showcasing sublime architectural design and these fabulous structures are even considered national heritage monuments in their own right.  The old quarter area also holds a variety of charming attractions in the form of local markets, craft stores and eccentric art galleries to entice passengers upon arrival. Not only are the shopping opportunities excellent here but the sightseeing opportunities are endless. The landscape is eye-wateringly beautiful with outstanding views as far as the eye can see. Inland guests will discover the 12th century cathedral reminiscent of the famous Winchester Cathedral.

Viking Heritage

To capture the Viking heritage of this port of call, be sure to take in the iconic Three Swords monument in the Hafrsfjord rock. This monument pays testament to the battle won by King King Harald Haarfagre in the 9th century founding the kingdom of Norway; a hugely important moment in Norwegian history and a captivating sight to behold.  The swords were designed to symbolise the end of the battle.

Pulpit Rock

Landmarks here are breathtakingly beautiful and do not come much finer than the incredible 2,000ft high Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen). To arrive here guests will need to take a short boat trip through the Stavanger archipelago but the journey is most certainly worth it to experience something truly special.

Take In The Best of Stavanger

Excursions at Stavanger are extremely interesting with many opportunities to explore this unique port of call. Often the most popular tour is the chance to experience an overall perception of the destination by enjoying a leisurely coach drive. Such an option provides local guides to provide insight into the history of Stavanger as you travel along the immaculate setting. Excursions provide a great chance to take in the best of Stavanger and often take passengers further afield as well as allowing for time in the old quarter. A drive south west will take guests towards the Church of Sola nestling beautifully at Sola Bay. Jæren is a pleasurable experience to see sandy coastal stretches and be sure not to miss the alluring charms of Eiganes. This delightful area boasts the Ledaal Manor, residence of the King when he is visiting Stavanger. Within Stavanger itself the impressive Cathedral dominates the scene whilst the harbour provides a visually stunning backdrop. The old quarter portrays a unique charm unlike any other destination on earth with entrancing scenery and a fabulous indication of the rehabilitation project that has taken place in the area.

The floral scenery of Stavanger is superb and many cruise lines will provide excursion opportunities to witness the magical array of flowers and wildlife throughout the countryside. Along with the charm of the old quarter, the scenery here makes for a fantastic day in port at this enthralling destination.

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