The waterfront here is the first wonderful sight of this exquisite port of call, oozing charisma and offering the perfect location to watch the world go by.  Balboa however is so much more.  This delightful destination offers the perfect gateway to Panama City, the region’s largest city and second most popular attraction after the famous Panama Canal.  Panama City is a walled city and remains one of the very few within the region.  The city is utterly enchanting with skyscrapers to one side and colonial housing to the other.  The old quarter is often a hugely popular place to visit with tourists for the atmospheric charm of the Casco Viejo.  This location also allows for spectacular views over the city, perfect for a photographical vantage point.  Other exciting sightseeing opportunities include the superb Metropolitan Cathedral and the Municipal Palace. 

The city was once destroyed by fire but many of the ruins remain including the bishop’s house and the cathedral.  An excellent excursion tour here is to head into the city at night for a tour of the ruins under illumination.  A guided walk is provided to talk guests through the sights. 

If you prefer to head away from the city and witness the magic of the rainforest then be sure to visit the spectacular Metropolitano National Park, a protected rainforest and the only one in the world to be located within limits of a city such as this.  It is both an impressive and exquisite sightseeing opportunity and not to be missed when visiting this part of the world.

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