This delightful city is today the second largest in Panama and is located at the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal.  The port title is Cristobal which is Spanish for Christopher whilst the city derives its name from the Spanish for Columbus.  Colon was founded in 1850 however has undergone many changes over the years especially during the turn of the new millennium.  Since the drastic re development plans were implemented the city of Colon now boasts a thrilling destination to explore.  Passengers have the pleasure of enjoying a fabulous port of call for shopping along with the opportunity to visit the perfect starting point for exploring the rest of the wonder that is Panama.

The ecology here is a huge attraction to a wide variety of tourists from all over the world.  Take the chance to gain a closer look at the outstanding wildlife species in the area, especially at the enchanting location of Gatun Lake.  The opportunity to witness the incredible rainforest is truly breath taking and you even have such options as visiting the San Lorenzo Fort and the banks of the Chagres River.

For a cultural enrichment head for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to explore and learn the wondrous ways of this part of the world.  Also take in the magical flora of this centre before heading into the rainforest for further exploration. 

Passengers have the chance to gain a thrilling insight into native lifestyle with the chance to visit the Embera Indian village on the banks of Gatun Lake.  Marvel at the iconic structures used for shelter along with the masterful craftsmanship of the locals.  You can even participate should you wish.  The transfers to and from this location are by canoe allowing for a unique experience along the way and many exciting photo opportunities.  The Embera will offer knowledge into their way of life including herbal medicines, beliefs, superstitions and even the chance to see how they propose marriage.

Away from the sights of the rainforests, passengers also have the chance here to discover Panama City and its rich historical heritage and many outstanding attractions.  The Panama Railroad is also a thrilling opportunity crossing the continental divide, leading passengers towards the Pacific side and offering photographical opportunities along the way, especially for wildlife such as the Howler Monkeys and toucans.  This tour can be done as standard or guests can opt for a private Dome Car with more viewing opportunities and the full panoramic experience. 

Whatever you decide to do here, a visit to Colon is certainly not to be missed.  This magical destination offers so much to see and do that the hardest decision of the day will be where to go first. 

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