Alesund lies beautifully at the heart of the spectacular Geirangerfjord, renowned for its stunning scenic cruising and a great destination to visit aboard a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords.  This port of call portrays a differing sight to other Norwegian towns due to the fact that it was actually destroyed by fire in 1904. The town was then completely rebuilt and as such varies in image. The architecture here is extremely art nouveau with an emphasis placed on a neo-classical approach.  The structural design may differ to other nearby ports of call; however the delightful backdrop remains the same, with exquisite scenery and a truly magnificent opportunity to enjoy the peak of the Norwegian Fjords sightseeing locations.

Attractions For Arriving Guests

Alesund boasts a wide range of museums within the centre with many attractions for arriving guests.  The area prides itself on the fascinating array of museums available to see and one of the most popular has to be the fantastic open-air Sunnmøre.  Another hugely popular attraction with passengers is the Atlantic Sea Park, renowned for being one of Northern Europe’s largest aquariums.

The opportunities to witness the sensational mountain scenery and the sight of cascading waterfalls is the main attraction here and many of the excursion tours available revolve around providing passengers with the chance to do this.  Most cruise lines that visit here will provide a great range of tours no matter how you wish to spend the day; there’s usually something for everyone here. 

Superb Architecture

As with many destinations, the most popular tours for Alesund are the excursions to take in an overall look at the port of call.  The Alesund highlights excursion, run by most cruise ships arriving here provides a wonderful combination of inner town sightseeing and the chance to head high up above sea level to capture the magnificent views.  Architecture here is superb and as such many guests enjoy the chance to feel like they have taken a step back in time and gain insight into the Norwegian way of life from centuries ago right up to present day and the evolution of their day to day experiences.  A vast boat collection here also presents a great chance to witness Viking ship replicas and cultural exhibitions into this distinctive period in the areas history.  Mount Aksla is the place to absorb the astonishing views of the town and surrounding areas from a wonderful vantage point.  This location is the perfect point to enjoy outstanding photographic opportunities and create a memory to last a lifetime. 

Atlantic Sea Park

Away from the architectural beauty of the town, this destination is also a great port of call to discover a wide range of incredible wildlife.  The Atlantic Sea Park is a brilliant attraction to visit for all ages and even boasts a penguin park.  This amazing venue holds 11 large landscape aquariums, the largest actually containing 7 million pints of seawater.  The viewing areas are excellent and the chance to witness some of the most miraculous wildlife is certainly worth a visit.

Alesund presents a delightful port of call to enjoy when sailing the Norwegian Fjords. Fjordland as the area is often referred to consists of many exquisite ports of call; however, it is difficult to imagine a location more beautiful than Alesund at the mouth of the enchanting Geirangerfjord.

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