One of the most enchanting features of Olden is its blissful tranquillity.  This wonderful port of call is incredibly peaceful and provides the ultimate relaxing location to sit back and enjoy the magnificence of the Fjordland cruise setting.  Olden is situated at the southern tip of Nordfjord and as such allows for fantastic views of the entrance to Oldedalen Valley.

Briksdal Glacier

Not only is the cruising entrance to this delightful port of call exciting but once you arrive, the scenery continues to get better and better.  The amazing valley portrays a picture postcard setting with the river flowing from the mountains and the Briksdal Glacier.  This sensational attraction is also renowned for its impeccable waterfall scenery with giant cascades of water plummeting to sea level.  This area allows for guests to roam on foot and one of the most popular routes is to head for the Jostedal Glacier from the valley.  This is a designated national park and a truly beautiful location to explore; great for capturing a once in a lifetime photograph.

This excellent destination really is a photography lover’s paradise; however it is not just the captivating scenery that enthrals guests upon arrival.  There are many museums exhibiting the glaciers heritage here as well as the folk history.  Not only this but the skiing centre often provides a great attraction for visitors on the glacier plateau, especially to see Hornindalsvatnet, Europe’s deepest lake.

Walking Tours To RIB Boat Adventures

The methods of getting around here provide all different levels of excitement.  Guests looking to enjoy a walking tour will love the beautiful architecture, feeling like they have taken a step back in time; however there are also more faced paced alternatives.  Perhaps take in the exciting scenery via RIB boat adventure or even indulge in a kayaking experience.  Exercise enthusiasts may enjoy the prospect of a Huaren Viewpoint for scintillating views or head for Briksdal Glacier and enjoy a once in a lifetime glacier rafting adventure. 

Olden is a truly spectacular port of call to visit for a wonderful day of exciting sightseeing and delightful culture.  The area provides a wonderful location to unwind and enjoy the tranquil beauty of such a quaint Norwegian treasure.

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