The sensational port of Tromso welcomes passengers to its shores for an enthralling experience of superb sightseeing, blissful scenery and fantastic culture.  This is Norway’s most northerly cruise port and is not to be missed, especially during the summer months for the incredible ‘midnight sun’ shining around the clock.  This enchanting location is bound to the Arctic and boasts a fascinating choice of excursion opportunities for passengers to enjoy whichever cruise line you are travelling with. 

Arctic Cathedral to the Tromso Museum

Tromso revels in modern architectural design with unique charisma and artistic flair.  One sightseeing exploration not to be missed is the Arctic Cathedral to discover the impeccable stained glass windows that were designed to depict the return of Christ.  Not only this but the astonishing strength of the ice pack can be witnessed here for an enthralling insight into this wondrous destination.  The Tromso Museum is also a wonderful attraction to visit whilst here and the rich historical heritage of the area is emphasised in the many extravagant museums both ethnological and geological.  For passengers looking to discover the world of the Arctic Circle, Tromso’s Polaria Science Museum is the perfect place to do so.  Tromso actually lies just 400 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and as such this museum provides the perfect chance to learn more about the ecosphere of snow and ice.  The Polaria Science Museum creates the chance for guests to get up close and personal with local wildlife, take a virtual tour of the wilderness to come across polar bears and the magic of the Northern Lights and even experience an Arctic snowstorm.  This really is an amazing place to come to during your stay.

Aside from the fabulous sightseeing opportunities here, Tromso is also a great place to relax and unwind.  This port of call actually has more bars than any other destination in Norway, making it the perfect place to quench your thirst.  A day of exploration is complemented brilliantly by a great choice and there’s also a wide selection of cafés and restaurants to sample local cuisine.

Husky Adventures

For a unique excursion and a once in a lifetime experience, many cruise lines provide passengers with the chance to sample the wilderness via their own husky adventure.  Tromso Wilderness Centre is the starting point for the day and guests will be met by experienced locals with over 100 Alaskan huskies. The local guides will entertain with their incredible expedition stories, such guides often include Tore Albrigsten who is currently the only man to have completed the Finnmark Race over 621 miles with only one dog; an amazing achievement. 

Island of Sommarøy

Guests will also have the opportunity to head further afield and in particular to the west of Tromso towards the island of Sommarøy, which translated is Summer Island.  This is the biggest fishing village of Tromso and boasts stunning beach scenes and mountain scenery.  Cross the Sandnessund Bridge and witness the magical coastal landscapes of this spectacular location.

Tromso is an exquisite port of call to visit and definitely not to be missed.  This magnificent destination has it all so get ready for a fabulous day of excitement.

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