This is one of the most popular fjord land cruise ports and from the moment you arrive you will understand why.  The third largest city in Norway and Norway’s first ever capital, Trondheim is a fantastic destination to visit.  The scenery here is spectacular and varies wonderfully depending on the way you face.  To the north is the captivating sight of the Arctic Ocean whilst the south portrays a stunning visual of the valley and the lush rainforest backdrop.  This location is perfect for those looking to capture a once in lifetime photograph.

Cultural Exploration

The Trondheim Fjord provides the perfect welcome to the port with its breath taking views and beautiful scenery.  This is the picture postcard image of the Norwegian Fjords and presents a wondrous gateway to the city itself.  As if the attractions could not get any more inviting, the city then opens itself up to passengers with its outstanding range of cultural structures and sublime architecture.  Take in the dramatic Archbishops Palace, Scandinavia’s oldest secular building and an impeccable construction.  Follow this with a visit to see the famous Stiftsgarden, home to the King of Norway and also renowned for being the oldest wooden building in whole of northern Europe.  Cultural exploration continues in the form of the vast array of superb museum in Trondheim. There are many to witness, all boasting magnificent exhibits of 16th century ceramic and decorative arts. 

Not only is Tromso fantastic for its scenery and culture but the area also possesses a great choice of bars and restaurants.  The local cuisine is sublime so be sure to sample some of the delicacies and enjoy a thirst quenching drink at one of these enchanting locations.  Bakklandet waterfront district is particularly impressive for its selection of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Tour The City

Excursions at Trondheim allow for numerous opportunities and adventures.  The city itself is easily accessible from the port should passengers wish to travel of their own accord, however, should guests opt for an excursion, there are many to choose from.  The overall city tours come in several formats with most cruise lines visiting here.  A walking tour is often extremely popular, especially for extended time in Market Square and the delightful Monk Street; however the alternative option is to explore the city via bus and tram.  The Gråkall Line Trolley began in 1924 and still remains a familiar part in everyday life for the locals of Trondheim.  Whichever options you do decide upon, should you wish to enjoy this type of excursion, they will both provide a great tour of the city and the chance to see some of the finest sights, especially the Viking King Olav Tryggvason statue.

The Thamshavn Vintage Railway dates back to 1908 and is a great excursion opportunity to see the world’s oldest railway running on alternating current.  Alternatively if you feel like enjoying a strenuous activity then try a hike as Trondheim is the perfect place.  The Gråkallen Hill stands an approximate 1,700 feet above sea level and provides a brilliant opportunity to reach a sensational peak for towering views over the surrounding areas.

Trondheim is a fascinating port of call and definitely makes for a superb day of adventure and exploration. This excellent destination is not to be missed when setting sail aboard a cruise of the delightful Norwegian Fjords.

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