Bruges welcomes passengers throughout the year and is certainly worth a visit to explore the magnificent combination of past and present. Bruges is a modern cosmopolitan set within the surroundings of medieval architecture. An amazingly intriguing destination awaits here as the area is often considered the Venice of the North Sea due to the many connecting canal ways for a romantic boat trip for two.  The area may have this nickname but Bruges remains very much a unique destination and one not to be missed aboard a cruise break sailing.

Belgium's Most Prominent Cruise Port

Cruise ships arrive at the port of Zeebrugge which literally translates into Bruges on Sea and the notable attractions make it easy to understand why the area is Belgium’s most prominent cruise port. Upon arrival passengers have the choice of exploring the local Zeebrugge area or making the ten mile trip into the heart of Bruges. Local transport here is often very reliable and a train service can be accessed just a short journey from the port but the majority of passengers opt to arrange an excursion or transport service to Bruges through the cruise operator. This is often the most secure method of transport to and from the area as well as being cost effective.

The entrance to Bruges is immersed with historic monuments and centuries-old structures. As guests make their way through the grand city walls the world of modern discovery begins. Here visitors will discover an array of fabulous shopping opportunities, bars, restaurants and cafes pulling together to create a modern city. Bruges is renowned for local specialities such as chocolate, lacework and a superb range of resident beers.

The city has always paid respect to the cultural heritage that flows throughout its many avenues; however, the most unique feature of Bruges is the way in which the local residents combine the future and past to create a truly captivating destination to all who visit.  The wealth of museums intertwines with contemporary boutiques whilst the grand attraction of the new Concert Hall stands proudly at the heart of the city. 

Ypres, Ghent and Brussels

There is so much to see in this fascinating destination. Passengers looking to explore the historical sites will love a trip to the battlefields of World War I, visiting the region of Ypres along with the many amazing sights such as St George’s Memorial Church and site of Waterloo.  From the port of Zeebrugge other exciting locations can be reached such as Ghent and Brussels. 

Indulge In Local Cuisine

Shore excursions here very much revolve around the many sightseeing opportunities, in particular the historical monuments of the city. Alternatively many cruise operators will provide the chance to indulge in local cuisine including the splendour of the chocolate world with the chance to taste the end product.

One of the most popular times to visit this area is over the Christmas period and with the many enchanting markets, festivities and festivals it is easy to see why. The huge Christmas tree and ice rink dominate the main square whilst the incredible decorations help set the perfect mood for this wonderful time of year.

Whether it’s the welcoming ambience of Zeebrugge or a trip to the heart of the city itself, guests will long to return to this fantastic port of call.

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