Puntarenas is the largest city in the central Pacific and showcases a tremendous array of Spanish colonial architecture.  Costa Rica may be a small country but the area has a huge appeal to visiting tourists due to the captivating ecological diversity.  It is the intriguing location of this destination that causes such a fascinating diversity.  Costa Rica sits neatly between Nicaragua and Panama, a perfect position on the peninsula connecting North and South America.  The combination of scenery develops with the Caribbean Sea to one side and the Pacific Ocean to the other.  It is because of this extraordinary position that both vegetation and wildlife are able to flourish.  

The most visited area of Puntarenas for tourists is the beautiful Paseo de los Turistas which stretches along the most popular beach scene here.  This walkway is filled with alfresco dining options of superb restaurants and quaint cafes.  Guests will discover divine seafood concoctions, freshly caught by local fisherman and the resident delicacies include the most incredible shrimp along with the famous ceviche de corvine, which is a marinated fish cocktail, drizzled with lime juice for a full flavour experience.  The beach scene itself is excellent with lavish white sands leading to the crystal clear ocean scape.  

Head further afield from Puntarenas and you are also in for a treat.  The countryside here is breath taking and especially the glorious Manuel Antonio Park.  This magical area presents a superb beach scene that connects with a rainforest border creating a combination of stunning scenery to one side and sensational snorkelling opportunities to the other.  The forest trails that lead off into the wilderness allow for a whisking adventure into the local wildlife inhabitants including some of the famous creatures as iguanas and squirrel monkeys.  

A huge attraction for cruise passengers at Puntarenas is the choice of eco adventures to undertake.  Horse riding here is extremely popular, especially along the beach front or perhaps push the body a little more with a rainforest hike.  Waterways provide the opportunity for impeccable kayaking adventures or even white water rafting should you wish.  

Excursions here are truly fabulous, the array of cultural highlights is magnificent and the area provides the perfect chance to combine natural beauty with man-made exquisite structures. The varying small town areas dotted around the outskirts of Puntarenas provide a thorough insight into traditional Costa Rica whilst the awe inspiring range of rainforest excursions are superb.  Take in the amazing Forest Sky Walk, a dramatic walkway right through the heart of the rainforest encompassing three suspended cable bridges up to 126 feet above the ground.  Alternatively you could choose the option for a tour to the Arenal Volcano before revelling in the pleasures of the natural hot springs.  The Arenal Volcano in particular is an absolute must for an unforgettable sight.  This iconic location is ever active and its perfect cone shape is complimented by the surrounding spectacle Lake Arenal.  The El Tabacón Hot Springs portray ten different pool areas created with the warm sulphur water from the volcano itself, a once in a lifetime way of laying back to relax.  

For a mangrove forest, eco wilderness exploration, head into the entrancing area of the Guacalillo Estuary, known for its varied species along the way.  The conservation of the Scarlet Macaw is also a fabulous point of interest in the areas nearby to complete the day.  

Away from the rainforest scenery, the beautiful city areas provide the chance to explore some of the stunning monuments including the famous Metal Church of Grecia as well as the local craft innovations of Sarchi.

The choice here is outstanding and the destination itself boasts an impressive choice of attracting features.  Whether with the family or aboard a romantic cruise for two, the destination of Puntarenas is a must see.

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