The peaceful nature of this incredible destination will have cruise passengers wowed from the moment they arrive.  Moorea is an impeccable Polynesian jewel and a port of call not to be missed when sailing the glorious South Pacific.  This picture postcard destination glistens in the shimmering sunlight, boasting an outstanding climate and deep crystal clear waters to match.  Lush landscapes provide the perfect backdrop to the sublime beach settings and you can quite literally stroll the sands here in utter tranquillity.  

Moorea is the epitome of serenity.  Its intimate crystalline lagoons create the perfect location to enjoy a swim and soak up the sun rays.  Water sport enthusiasts will love the area for its remarkable snorkelling opportunities as well as deep sea diving should you wish.  

Excursions for Moorea are simply superb.  The range of choice with each and every cruise line that visits this beautiful port of call is always excellent.  The most popular way to spend time here is to find the perfect balance between soaking up the natural splendour of Moorea and enjoying the traditional Tahitian way of life.  Opt for an Island tour to capture the heart of the destination often starting at the spectacular Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay.  Guests will see the special sights of the vanilla plantations and pineapple fields before enjoying the scintillating views from the iconic Belvedere Point, especially for the mountainous profile on show from here.  This style of tour will then often head for the Tiki Village and provides a chance to take in traditional village life.  The locals are extremely friendly and are always on hand to showcase their culture and arts to arriving tourists.  This area is also famous for celebrity spotting due to the amount of famous wedding ceremonies that take place here.  

For cultural enjoyment head for the fascinating ‘La Maison du Jouir’.  This venue is home to a selection of pieces by Paul Gauguin who spent large periods of time in Tahiti due to his love of the area.  Tahiti is even believed to be the cause of his experimentation spells with vivid colour.   

The island has a population of only 12,000, which is another reason behind the tranquil nature of the day to day life.  For the ultimate relaxation, this is the place to be.  Not only this but Moorea is also home to one of the world’s most exciting cruising excursions.  A once in a lifetime opportunity comes with the chance to witness acrobatic dolphins in their own habitats.  A professional expert will guide you along the way to offer a detailed insight and appreciation of the marine creatures that enjoy the waters here.  The social and behavioural characteristics of the dolphins will be explained by your very own private captain and expert before you head out to witness this first hand.  Moorea is the location for Dr Michael Poole’s Marine Mammal Research Programme, renowned all over the world for its incredible research into marine life.  The acrobatic spinner dolphins are quite literally astonishing to see up close and almost appear as if they are performing solely for your benefit.  There will also often be pilot whales in the nearby waters as well.  Dr Poole is famous for his documentaries featured on both the Discovery Channel and the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ series.

Moorea gives opportunities for moonlight catamaran experiences, off-road adventures, Tahitian exploration and so much more.  The local Polynesian cuisine is sublime and the island simply never fails to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

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