Pago Pago (pronounced Pango Pango) 

On arrival the harbour provides the welcoming entrance into the island of Tutuila and forms a fjord like portrayal of colour.  The island is in fact pronounced Pango Pango and the title of this port refers to the harbour and to the village towards the west of Tutuila. 

You’ll find a spectacular combination of scenery and entertainment at this port of call with Tutuila steeped in Samoan history.  The breath taking landscapes are truly incredible and form the perfect island paradise.  The harbour itself is often where many people chose to remain throughout the day, the island is wonderfully charming but this location has so much to offer and remains one of the most popular areas to explore.  ‘Flowerpot Rock’ or Fatu-ma-futi as it is known to locals can be found at the mouth of the harbour.  This is one of the islands most significant and famous landmarks, certainly worth seeing when visiting this glorious destination.

There are two sides to the island.  The west has many attractions but it often the east that steals the show.  Fagotago is a town at the eastern end of the island and is a hugely popular area for cruise passengers visiting this port of call.  The natural history museum is always popular but it is the vibrant public market that often attracts more guests due to its wonderful array of colour and real taste of local life.  Fagotago is also renowned for being the gateway to another intriguing attraction, this being the former guesthouse where characters such as Sadie Thompson in ‘Rain’ were created by Somerset Maugham.

One impeccable feature of this island is the outstanding way the heritage and landscapes have been preserved.  The Samoan people are proud of this island and as such make a substantial effort to preserve their most attractive features.  This can be seen all over the island and it makes for a captivating exploration into Samoan culture.  There is the opportunity here to immerse yourselves in a true Samoan tradition with the experience of an Ava Ceremony.  If you are lucky enough to be here when this is taking place then you will enjoy a fabulous array of colour and entertainment with an authentic island custom including Samoan songs, dance and performances. 

There are many fascinating landmarks here, all available to explore both independently or as part of a cruise excursion.  These include the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Centre, Lava Lava and for golf lovers, the spectacular 18 hole golf course set in the most unbelievable surroundings. 

Of course this port of call is regarded as a paradise island and as such it offers a great selection of superb beaches.  These are mainly located just outside of Pago Pago and can be found by taking a coastal drive along the dragon shaped island.  You’ll see the beautiful mountainous backdrop and arrive at many delightful bays along the way, perfect for relaxing and soaking up the pleasures of the islands gorgeous climate. 

Pago Pago is a fascinating destination to visit in the South Pacific and many cruise passengers believe it to be so good that they named it twice!

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