The magical port of Papeete is simply beautiful.  If you are looking to relax but still have the range of facilities around you for sensational entertainment and shopping then you are certainly in the right place here.  Papeete exudes splendour with it’s truly breath taking array of beautiful coves and beaches but this is just the start of the scenery.  Unspoilt mountains provide the perfect backdrop to mesmerising waterfalls as they cascade towards coastal blowholes that never cease to amaze.  This really is the most visually stunning location and a true South Pacific gem.

When visiting here, if you’re imagining a laid back, deserted location then you’re in for a surprise.  Papeete certainly provides all you’ll ever need to relax and unwind but this exquisite port of call also offers a vibrant choice of attractions to suit all moods.  Shopping lovers will adore this island as when you disembark your ship you will make your way passed the gorgeous harbour packed full of amazing private yachts before arriving at the lined streets of boutique stores and designer labels.  Lavishly expensive cars make their way down the streets and this affluent flare gives the island more of a feeling of the French Riviera than the South Pacific.

Should you have the pleasure of spending an overnight stay here during your cruise you will also have the exciting thrill of the Papeete nightlife.  You’ll find a great range of bars and nightclubs here to keep the party going long into the night. 

Food lovers will be in their element here with a truly magnificent choice of restaurants and cafes.  Whether it’s the bustling centre of the island or basking in the splendour of the sumptuous sea views at the waterfront you are certainly in for a culinary treat on this island. 

For a wander around and to explore, be sure to visit the cosmopolitan city market and witness the hustle and bustle of many traders from all over the world doing what they know best.  It’s a fascinating experience here and you’re bound to find a unique souvenir to take home with you. 

For sightseeing options other than the islands natural beauty, one of the most popular and visited attractions here is the Paul Gauguin museum at Port Phaeton.  This museum and botanical garden attractions is always a great experience to see and pays a fine tribute to the great post impression artist.  The many rooms throughout the museum contain a fantastic exhibit selection of original Gauguin sculptures and photographs along with documents from his incredible history. 

Another excellent sightseeing opportunity is at the site of a former Tahitian temple.  This incredible site is situated on the famous Fisherman’s Point and you will find the Museum of Tahiti here.  This excellent attraction boasts a sensational range of archaeological artefacts alongside a detailed exhibit of the area’s most striking flora and fauna.  The museum showcases the islands fascinating history and offers the chance to learn more about the renowned adventurers it has entertained over the years including Captain James Cook, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville and Samuel Wallis.  The museums location is also ideal for taking in a site of great importance to the locals and for ceremonies in the area.  This site is dedicated to the ancient gods and is known as Marae Arahurahu. 

Whether opting to explore the island through an excursion with your cruise operator or heading ashore independently, you are certain to enjoy this marvellous cruise port.  Enjoy the rich heritage of the island and it’s gracefully charming scenery or simple lay back and watch the world go by at one of the most serene beach scenes you could ever imagine, the choice is yours.

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