The bustling hub of Maryland’s largest city Baltimore, boasts somewhat of a Cinderella story having previously been renowned for its industrial prowess, but modern times have transformed the city into a fantastic tourist magnet. Baltimore is now known for being vibrant and exciting, with a thriving port thanks to its superb attractions, including a plethora of restaurants and unique atmosphere. Often dubbed as a 'city full of neighbourhoods', though more commonly known for its nickname ‘Charm City’, Baltimore is a welcoming city where Baltimoreans are down to earth and proud of their home.

Inner Harbour

The heart and soul of the modern Baltimore is without question in the Inner Harbour area. This location offers a vibrant array of promenades, pavilions and so much more. Inner Harbour is the ideal place to dine, boasting impeccable restaurants with a view to match as well as an endless choice of exciting entertainment features. The Inner Harbour is home of the famous Baltimore Maritime Museum where passengers can uncover historic relics or even delve deeper into the scholar of the area with a trip to the impressive Maryland Science Centre for an interactive experience. Elsewhere the National Aquarium presents the chance for the young and the old to learn more about the indigenous rainforests, coral reefs and some amazing marine life. Additionally, just a short drive away from Inner Harbour is Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park, housing over 1,500 animals and over 200 different species.

Fell's Point

The city is often considered to hold a north/south divide, provoking an intriguing difference in culture and mood. Overall the city comes together to create a wonderfully welcoming experience and a vibrant location to enjoy. English passengers will feel very much at home when visiting the old quarter of Baltimore known as Fell's Point. This area has cobblestone streets throughout and an array of pubs for that British feel. Alternatively, a trip to see Little Italy is always superb with a delightful ambience and a truly special choice of places to see; this is also definitely worth a visit. The mix of Bohemian neighbourhoods offers a culture extravagance especially when combined with the contrasting wealthy area of Mt Vernon for its broad avenues and projecting affluence.

Hop On A Water Taxi

Excursions in Baltimore are often quite limited and the majority of passengers here tend to take in the area independently rather than opting for an organised trip. This is not to say the choice isn’t worth looking into, however, as the range of options is usually very good. The city boasts impeccable architectural genius in so many areas, especially the waterfront so one of the enchanting options to go for is to take a water taxi across to capture the waterfront skyline from afar; a brilliant chance for an unforgettable photograph. There will also be options to explore the delightful plantation area of Mount Vernon, a location that George Washington once declared: “no estate is more pleasantly situated”. Set on the Potomac River, Mount Vernon offers the chance to see historic preservation projects dating right back to 1799 yet maintained perfectly to look just as they did back then.

Maryland Crab

One thing that Maryland is universally proud of is its blue crabs; sweet, tender and available in their abundance at all restaurants in the city, you can’t visit Baltimore without a least giving this signature dish a try. Whether you opt to try steamed crab, crab cakes or even a crab feast, do it by heading to one of Baltimore’s local crab shacks where you can sit down with locals and tuck into the delicious, juicy crab meat.  

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