Halifax - Nova Scotia

Halifax is Nova Scotia’s beautifully preserved capital, where you can admire the rugged coastline, picturesque waterfront and idyllic villages. This destination presents one of the most beautifully picturesque locations in the region, that has been defined by its maritime history, and is a wonderful port of call aboard a Canada and New England cruise, especially in the fall. Halifax also happens to hold one of the most indented coastlines in the world and has gained great fames in past times for transatlantic itineraries and trade.

Maritime History

As the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax boasts one of the largest harbours in the world. The entrance to the destination is truly spectacular with sublime scenery and you would expect nothing less from the gateway to Atlantic Canada. The delightful waterfront area combines exquisitely with the intimate centre to create a wonderfully poised port of call and one of many interesting attractions. 

This is the birthplace of Samuel Cunard and lovers of maritime history are certainly in for a treat when visiting this magnificent port. The reason for such successful transatlantic trade was the locations proximity to Europe, with Halifax being one of the closest Canadian ports to Europe allowing the trade industry to flourish.  

Treasures of RMS Titanic

Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of history remembered here is the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.  It was from the port of Halifax that the rescue operation was co-ordinated and the area became the final resting place for many unclaimed victims of the horrible tragedy. Three ships from Halifax were sent out to conduct a dramatic recovery operation and now visitors to the destination will find three cemeteries throughout Halifax featuring headstones all inscribed with the same date. The waterfront of Halifax is where guests will find the impressive Maritime Museum and this iconic venue now holds remnants of the Titanic including a steamer chair. The museum provides a thorough insight into the tremendous maritime history of Halifax as well as a captivating discovery of the historical factors the city possesses.  

Historic Downtown Walks

Passengers wishing to indulge in the delectable setting may wish to head off on one of the many ‘Historic Halifax Downtown Walks’. These brilliant strolls begin from the International Visitor Centre just a short distance from the cruise port and offer an exhilarating opportunity to meander the region highlights.

Hop-On-Hop-Off In Halifax

Climb aboard the unmissable pink Hop-On-Hop-Off and discover the sights and sounds of Halifax. This famous Big Pink Bus provides guests with a hop on-hop off service to leisurely enjoy the sights at your own pace but often cruise operators tie this option in well with a chance to board the amphibious vehicle of the harbour hopper. This vehicle whisks into the water and provides the best vantage points from which to view the city. Those looking to explore the treasures of the Titanic can opt for a tour to the several historical sites or for something a little different and away from the city scape, head for Peggy’s Cove, a quaint fishing village often famed for providing the perfect inspiration for many artisans.  Be sure to take a stroll to such sights as the Halifax Clock Tower and Metro Centre and simply enjoy the beautiful nature of this stunning port of call.

Halifax provides the chance to indulge in a visually impeccable backdrop as well as witness cultural highlights like no other.  The maritime memorabilia here is superb and however you wish to spend your day, Halifax will not disappoint.  From exploration to simple relaxation in a serene restaurant, this destination is perfect, especially during the summer to autumn transition.

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